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Technical Support Engineer III | | Salt Lake City, UT, United States | AMERICAS

Nice Ltd. • Salt Lake City, UT
a month ago
  • Technical Support Engineer III

Technical Support Engineer III

** Services | Salt Lake City, UT, United States | AMERICAS**

Technical Support Engineer III (TSE III)

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

The Technical Support Engineer III (TSE III) is a backline support engineer and provides advanced technical assistance to other TSEs, helping them to quickly and effectively resolve their customer issues. You will speak with customers as well, helping resolve the toughest issues. Our solutions utilize complex technologies and the associated issues require deep technical knowledge and excellent problem-solving skills to resolve. You are an expert in these technologies and products.

You exemplify providing professional business-to-business customer service, with awareness of the critical nature of these solutions to our customers who are using them. A TSE III is the most expert technical resource on our team, and exemplifies using best practices in troubleshooting, communication and problem resolution. You ensure that any reported problems as well as anticipated issues in your area of expertise are resolved in an efficient and effective manner. These interactions must leave customers feeling impressed with how smoothly concerns are addressed when they encounter problems with our software.

As a subject matter expert, you will lead internal and cross-functional collaboration efforts and drive proper engagement and resolution on the toughest issues. You will train and mentor other TSEs; their success will reflect your influence. You identify broader issues in your specialty and develop and execute plans to correct them. This may include systemic and chronic issues, process inadequacies, software design and usability problems, training needs and any other item that reduces success of co-workers and customers. You will model excellence in all facets of your work and help other TSEs to be successful by mentoring and coaching.

You will be an advisor to company leadership in creatively moving us to higher levels of achievement and success. You will handle the most critical escalations, provide backup for leadership and actively share insight and feedback on technical and operational issues.​

Financial Responsibility:

  • Any issue with our software that impairs the operation of a customer's contact center has significant financial ramifications for them.
  • Our ability to restore service, improve their understanding, and resolve chronic issues will greatly increase the value they receive from our solutions and will reduce financial risk when they experience problems.

Major Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Exemplify deep subject matter expertise in our core technologies, as well as at least one other technology specialty. Demonstrate solid expertise in other areas of specialty
  • Provide expert technical assistance and issue resolution advice to internal co-workers and customers via phone, online, chat, and email. You will rarely own cases, but will help TSE I and TSE II co-workers resolve the most difficult cases
  • Exemplify professional, assertive, articulate, and friendly verbal and written communication in all aspects of your work. Take full ownership of all communication needs related to the management of troubleshooting efforts internally and externally, building confidence among all customers and stakeholders that we are progressing properly towards resolution.
  • Coach colleagues to improve their communication skills. Actively listen, ask relevant questions and challenge customers appropriately. Validate and clarify customer provided information to ensure the information is captured correctly and documented clearly, properly, and complete enough to serve as a reference during future troubleshooting efforts
  • Encourage productive debate and discussion with colleagues to more thoroughly analyze and resolve problems
  • Be influential in improving procedures and processes that improve our efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provide timely, articulate, effective and substantive updates via our incident management system, ensuring that all details of case work are captured into case notes for each incident. Ensure that these details are given to the customer in regular cadence throughout the resolution process. When assisting co-workers with issue resolution, place detailed notes in the case about the information and assistance given
  • Lead collaboration activities within the technical support team as well as those involving other organizations, ensuring that engagement is in line with the severity of the issue and that resolution is achieved within the SLA
  • Reach agreement with the customer on the severity and priority of each issue, ensuring that it is properly set in the case throughout the resolution process. Re-evaluate severity/priority when cases become escalated
  • Proactively ensure that each case in your area of expertise is progressing according to the response and resolution targets as specified in our Service Level Agreements (SLA) by assisting colleagues in accelerating their cases toward timely resolution
  • Provide root cause correction, not just symptom relief. Ensure that all facets of the problem are evaluated to eliminate recurrence of the issue. Exemplify tenacity in resolving core issues that fully resolve problems, and assist peers in doing the same
  • Proactively pull cases from the queue based upon your skills and abilities, and work cases that are increasingly challenging to develop and sharpen your skills. Help co-workers improve their skills by helping them work through and successfully resolve more difficult cases
  • Effectively listen to all customer communications, identifying and logging all issues that are expressed. Ensure that all issues are resolved, including those that are regarding process, general concerns, chronic or systemic in nature.
  • Open and monitor incidents created with 3rd party providers. Work with other internal stakeholders to improve our interactions and success in handling these incidents
  • Obtain and maintain certification as a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) Publisher, create useful knowledge content, and update existing knowledgebase articles using KCS methodology. Provide coaching to others on KCS best practices. Ensure that troubleshooting guides, best practices, and other documentation for your area of specialty is complete and up to date
  • Help other TSEs identify, document, and report issues with software, design, reliability, and maintenance issues to the proper teams, ensuring that they are aware of and are addressing customer expectations. Ensure that issues reported to R&D as bugs are accurate and complete, and work with others to reduce errors and improve effectiveness in the bug reporting process. Work with R&D, Product Management and other organizations to ensure that our products are easy to use and support
  • Maintain consistent and exemplary performance on all behaviors and key performance indicators, modeling high-level achievement for all TSEs across the team
  • Avoid escalation on the most challenging issues through proper communication and by engaging proper resources before the customer becomes frustrated and asks for escalation. Properly de-escalate customers through expert communication and resource engagement, ensuring that all customers that you influence are receiving excellent service. Improve escalation handling and processes across the company
  • Deep knowledge of analytics tools and advanced expertise in pulling and effectively analyzing application and server logs, traces, packet captures, etc. to determine root cause of issues
  • Exemplify advanced understanding of networking technologies and how they are utilized by our products, platform and customers. Expert at reading and analyzing network and other technical diagrams to aid in problem diagnosis and resolution, and often provide mentoring to colleagues to improve their technical abilities
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