Senior Orchard Worker-F/T w/Benefits $15.38 p/hr

Kauai Coffee Company, LLC

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Kalaheo, HI

Job Description

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Job Overview:

The Senior Orchard Worker under the Pest Control Department is responsible for scouting and inspecting assigned fields for Coffee Leaf Rust and the Coffee Berry Borer. This position may operate various tractors with interchangeable attachments for the purpose of air blasting, pruning, mowing, applying fertilizers and pesticides or moving materials. They may also operate a motor vehicle or UTV for transportation, scouting and inspecting fields. 

Examples of Work Performed

  1. If applicable Directs and monitors work performance of assigned workers.  Has complete knowledge of the orchard workers duties and may do any or all of their tasks.   Provides training to inexperienced workers in the proper applications of pesticides for CBB/CLR treatment and other orchard maintenance operations.
  2. Handles pesticides.  Receives, stores, transports, mixes, transfers, and delivers pesticides.
  3. Operates various tractors with interchangeable attachments to perform required work such as pesticide spraying, Airblasting, mowing, disking, or spreading materials.   Controls attachments to achieve the desired results and makes necessary adjustments as needed. Connects and disconnects attachments as required.
  4. Operates Pruning machine when pruning required for CBB/CLR control
  5. Utilizes personal protective equipment when handling, mixing or applying pesticides that requires their use.
  6. Makes out daily reports as required by the supervisor such as using field maps marking areas worked, recording gallons of spray materials used, CBB/CLR hot spots and hours worked. 
  7. Operates motor vehicle and with two-way radio to perform work assignments.
  8. Operates and assists in the maintenance of pumps, filters, gasoline engines and related pesticide application equipment.
  9. Inspects assigned fields and records CBB/CLR infestations
  10. Maintains and operates pesticide application equipment used for CBB/CLR treatment.
  11. Removes infected leaves/Berry during scouting assignments
  12. Obeys standard safety regulations and Federal Worker Protection Standards (WPS).
  13. Does other related work as required or directed by supervisor.

*This position is a long-term and full time opportunity that is eligible for benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k and accrual of paid time off. 

Kauai Coffee is an equal opportunity employer.