Quality Assurance Manager / Auditor

Universal Cargo Doors & Service, LLC

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Dothan, AL

Job Description

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Job Overview:



Reporting to the Director of Quality & Safety the Quality Assurance Manager / Auditor is responsible for the operation of the Quality Assurance department and responsible to ensure that the quality standards set by the company in compliance with the regulatory agencies are met.



  • Manage the company internal/external audit and surveillance program defined in the Repair Station Manual and other Company policies and procedures by:  
  • Coordinating with affected departments, except Finance (not audited by QA), to ensure the frequency, corrective/preventive actions and closure of audits are appropriate and effective. 
  • Develop and perform random audits for compliance with shelf life programs, tool calibration, work center paperwork control, FAA Anti-Drug program, personnel files, training records, facilities and GSE equipment maintenance records and delivery packages for all aircraft departing facility.
  • Conduct internal and external audits of the repair station and vendors; ensure compliance with regulatory agencies, processes, policies, procedures and quality standards
  • Reviewing audit findings to ensure compliance with processes, policies, procedures and quality standards in order to develop continuous improvement of the Repair Station.
  • Reviewing internal and external audit checklists for scope, depth and relevance to regulatory and industry requirements.     Amend or create checklist as necessary.
  • Act as point of contact during customer, FAA, NAA, and other regulatory agency inquires or audits of the company records or facilities.
  • Identify and resolve safety and regulatory compliance issues with customers, regulatory inspectors and other external auditors.
  • Review the Repair Station Manual, NAA Supplements, NDT Manual, and Training Program Manual and other company manuals or procedures in use to ensure compliance with FAA, NAA, and other applicable regulations.
  • Provide input to the Director of Quality and Safety for revisions to the approved/accepted Company manuals, by use of continuous quality improvements and matrix driven reports.
  • Actively drive and support the company safety program and initiatives and assist the Director of Quality and Safety in matters related to Safety, Policies and Procedures.
  • Review and ensure entry of all incident and accident reports into the digital database
  • Monitor safety standards compliance, industry trends, and applicable regulations (Federal, State and local) and ensure appropriate actions are taken
  • Prepare monthly reports as requested and required
  • Maintain the master list and control of inspection stamps and maintain a current roster of authorized Supervisory and Inspection Personnel.
  • Work closely with Training Department to ensure training records are maintained up to date and current.
  • By way of ongoing audits and inspections ensure the facilities are kept to the highest standards of safety, compliant at all times, enforcing regulations and practices to avoid accidents.
  • Provide frequent accurate and candid reporting to his/her managers and the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Collaborate closely with other departments for problem analysis and resolution and any other collaborative undertaking necessary to meet corporate goals and conflict resolution.
  • Deal with customers, vendors and other entities in a cordial, respectful and professional manner.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Quality and Safety or requested by CJS upper management.



This position does not have direct reports



  • Ability to perform assignments in a complete, accurate and timely manner.   
  • Communication: excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication skills -Initiative: plans work and carries out tasks without detailed instructions, prepares for problems or opportunities in advance, undertakes additional responsibilities.
  • Strong organizational skills, decision making ability, and ability to perform under pressure and meet strict deadlines.
  • Problem solving attitude and approach. 
  • Positive work attitude: be enthusiastic, confident, outgoing and helpful.  
  • Experience preparing reports, correspondence, and procedural type documents
  • Experience in quality assurance and training policies and procedures 
  • A background in aviation operations and/or aircraft maintenance operations involving large complex aircraft 



EDUCATION: High School Diploma/GED.  Undergraduate college degree or equivalent preferred.


LICENSES / QUALIFICATIONS:  Holds a current FAA certificate with Airframe and Power plant rating


EXPERIENCE:     Minimum 5 years related work experience Auditing, inspection, large aircraft maintenance operations, FAA liaison, customer relations.



  • Ideal candidate must be self-motivated and detail oriented.
  • Public speaking or instructor experience a plus
  • Excellent planning, time management, communication, decision-making, organization, and interpersonal skills.
  • OSHA, EPA and similar government regulatory requirements; applicable FAA/NAA regulations.
  • Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to lift and/or pull objects weighing at least 30lbs.






Visual Acuity (including color perception):


Lifting/pulling/pushing (specify any particular weight requirements):





  • Requires frequent walking, standing and/or climbing.     
  • Expected to work through specially designed airframe, engine and undercarriage openings while standing on ladders or scaffolds; to use hoists and lifts; required precision instruments and other necessary tools.
  • Exposure to climate changes normally experienced in an aviation repair facility.
  • Travel may be required to perform off-site audits, training or other company requirements. 
  • Position may require working on weekends, holidays and alternate shifts or schedules to include night shifts.