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Production Supervisor (Nights)

Mountain Valley Spring Co • Hot Springs, AR
9 months ago

Production Supervisor (Nights)

Job Title

MV - Production Supervisor Job Description

Required to work in both office and manufacturing environments. Responsible for maintaining a safe, clean, and secure work environment. This includes correcting unsafe acts/conditions. Supports development, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the food safety system. Responsible for maintaining process quality in accordance with Mountain Valley process and quality standards. Provides administration and supervision of the plant production function as directed. Provides for and reviews the performance and personal development of all subordinates on an individual basis. Arranges for on-the-job training and development of subordinates' skills to ensure a continued high level of production and morale. Assist with the onboarding process of new hires. Provides production, spoilage, and maintenance records and maintains subordinates' attendance, evaluation, and other appropriate records. Schedules subordinates' vacations, overtime, holidays, and job assignments. Provides communications and dissemination of information between crew operations. Accesses, inputs, and retrieves information from the computer. Initiates, reviews, masters, and follows all standard operating procedures (SOPs) for area of responsibility. Establishes and maintains an employee relations climate of trust and confidence that will discourage third party interference which will promote achievement of plant and company goals. Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the division, the group, and the company. Includes ability to handle stress and to interact with others so as to establish and maintain a positive and productive work environment and minimize personal conflicts. Maintains an awareness and complies with hazardous waste management and other environmental management requirements in the workplace by attending scheduled training sessions. Understands and responds effectively to Safety Manager directions during emergencies by being familiar with emergency procedures, equipment, and systems, as necessary. Implements contingency plan to the level required by this position. Complies with established job safety practices, policies and procedures as specified in plant and corporate directives for the safe performance of the work assignment. Must follow company policies, procedures, practices, and standards of conduct as outlined in the company handbook. Recognizes waste streams and minimizes waste generation, through prudent use of materials, proper disposal and segregation as directed during training. Understands and practices proper accumulation and storage requirements or wastes. Complies with environmental regulations when using, dispensing, or handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes. This position is exposed to occupational hazards, including but not limited to, high noise levels, physical obstacles, exposure to chemicals, etc. Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.

Basic Qualifications

• Broad training in a related field usually acquired through college degree level education or 2 (two) years minimum work related experience in the food/beverage manufacturing process.
• Minimum of 5 (five) years supervisory experience.
• Working knowledge of the following areas: business principles, legal practices, product specifications and mechanics of equipment, quality standards, and generally accepted supervisory practices and procedures.
• Ability to apply intensive and diversified evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard production techniques, procedures, and criteria.
• Must maintain professional competence, ethical integrity, knowledge, and skills.
• Excellent oral, written, organizational, and communication skills along with mechanical aptitude.
• Must be able to handle sensitive related and proprietary information in a confidential manner.
• Strong computer skills, including Word and Excel.
• Experience with SAGE ERP system a plus.
• Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
• Ability to lift up to 60 pounds minimum.
• Copious walking and standing required.