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Production Supervisor

Xpress Boats • Hot Springs, AR
a month ago


AIM or MISSION: Build, support and maintain a team of employees who perform various aspects of our processes to meet Xpress Boats Safety, Quality and Production goals. Responsible for all results of respective department.


• Responsible for building and maintaining a team of quality players and creating an environment for them to succeed

• Responsible for maintaining safe and OSHA compliant work area

• Responsible for teaching and training Quality standards for work tasks

• Communicating production expectation and coordinating activities to attain production quantities

• Responsible for positive communication and support between departments

• Accountable for championing the KATA process in department and with team members

• Responsible for supplying all materials and support that reports need to complete their work in safe/efficient manner

• Work with leadership team to eliminate road blocks to smooth operation for respective area of ownership

• Responsible for assisting in the development and adherence to tooling and consumable budget

• Responsible for assuring reports are adhering to all company policies and procedures and supporting other supervisors

• Accountable for teaching and controlling proper care and use of company equipment

• Manage, review and approve employees work schedules, timecards, and time-off requests.

• Responsible for all employees following the work schedule:

    Arrive on time, maintain work, and pace through the day

    Breaks not stretched

    All employees work through the end of the shift

• Administer corrective action with reports as fitting and in accordance with company policy

• Responsible for excellent communication and engagement of employees including daily tool box talks that focus on

1. Safety 2. Quality 3. Production


  • High Mechanical Aptitude
  • Manufacturing Background
  • Work Ethic/Ownership of Responsibilities
  • Working knowledge of ERP systems preferred, visual or CSI preferred