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Hayward, CA

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Job Overview:

For more than 35 years, Delphon has developed breakthrough polymer and adhesive products that provide solutions for manufacturing processes in a wide range of high technology markets.  At Delphon, innovation is paramount and the company works closely with its customers to create customized polymer and adhesive materials for leading-edge applications.  

Delphon brands are recognized worldwide for high-quality products like Gel-Pak® and UltraTape®.  Customers from around the globe know that they can trust these brands even in the most critical environments.   The company operates three divisions: 

Gel-Pak:  Manufactures device carriers and films designed to protect and immobilize devices during shipping, handling, and processing.

UltraTape:  Manufactures cleanroom tape, labels, and graphic overlays for critical environments.

TouchMark:  Provides high-precision medical and electronic device marking services.


The Printer-Trainee is in the beginning stages of learning how to become a pad-printing equipment operator. This description covers the stage of employment from untrained new-hire through Printer-1.  The Printer-Trainee is to work closely with the production supervisor in order to gain experience and knowledge about setting up, operating, and breaking down TouchMark’s printing equipment, shall work to become familiar with TouchMark’s processes and standards for maintaining and improving quality and efficiency, and will learn to understand and know how to complete all standard production documentation such as Followers, Spec Sheets, Ink Memos, and product identification documents. The Printer-Trainee will also be learning how to perform quality inspections and will learn how to identify the product that is not up to TouchMark’s and our customer’s standards of quality.  

The Printer-Trainee will also learn about packaging procedures and standard ways to track and count customer’s product as it is processed through the production area. Printer-Trainees, like all other TM employees, will also be involved in cleaning, maintenance, and other miscellaneous duties that will arise from time to time. 

The Printer-Trainee’s goal is to gain enough knowledge, skill, and experience to become a semi-independent equipment operator in TouchMark’s production environment; to no longer require constant or frequent supervision, and to be able to run the more basic of our regular printing jobs from setup to takedown with no more than a 1st article inspection and periodic in-process checks by the Production Supervisor, without quality problems, and in a time window not much longer than that achieved by the next category, Printer-1.


•    High School  or Equivalency

•    0-1 years’ experience in a position supporting a manufacturing organization

•    Spoken English

Benefits:  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and 401(k) with matching

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