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Plant Manager

Fabricated Metals LLC • Louisville, KY
10 days ago

** Strong Hold**

** Plant Manager**

Louisville, KY 40214
We build products and relationships that last a lifetime! No really, that’s what we do. We are a successful family business with a long-term record of steady growth, and we are determined to accelerate our trajectory. Our diverse team members who speak 22 languages are passionate about their company and their co-workers. Check out our website at .

We’re riding a strong wave of post-pandemic shut down orders. We seek a plant manager who is both a lean leader and detail obsessed manager. One-piece flow is our path to eliminating waste and improving throughput.

We Are Not:

  • Fancy - as manufacturers we believe beautiful facilities aren’t required to make quality products or retain the best team.
  • High Tech - we incorporate technology into our products and processes where appropriate, but it doesn’t drive us.
  • Transactional - we have long term relationships with our team members and most valuable customers.
  • Satisfied - we celebrate achievement, then set our sights on new goals.

What we’re looking for:

  • You’ve successfully managed a plant that runs the Toyota Production System.
  • A Lean Leader
  • Creates an independent vision for the production organization and inspires his/her team to help achieve it.
  • Someone who wants to win, always needs to know the score, and lives by performance-based metrics.
  • Puts safety first; is proud of improving safety in her/her current assignment and can do it again.
  • A builder of strong organizational culture centered around team member development and engagement.
  • A coach, a facilitator, someone who is humble enough to value input from the team.
  • Proven record of driving manufacturing organizations to implement Lean.
  • Designed mixed-model value streams, implemented the vision and executed daily to maintain it.
  • Took a facility from batch to one-piece flow.
  • Regularly quotes Taiichi Ohno and has applied his principles to reduce waste.
  • Used Paul Akers 2 Second Lean approach to jump start team engagement in lean.
  • Led high level kaizen blitz activities and smaller work-process level improvements which ultimate resulted in lower inventory levels and faster through put.
  • Built a process to develop the skills of new operators and cross train long term ones.
  • A Detail-oriented manager
  • Manages all manufacturing functions to include production, scheduling, quality, shipping and receiving.
  • Understands that achieving production goals is only relevant if one understands the key drivers of performance.
  • Owns the schedule and develops junior team members into proficient schedulers.
  • Manages labor precisely by using KPIs and electronic rosters; moves resources efficiently to match the sales forecast.
  • Tracks machine up time and work with operators, maintenance and machine manufacturers to improve it.
  • Develops and maintain systems and people to measure and improve quality.
  • Uses financial statements and analysis thereof to improve manufacturing operations.
  • Provides subordinates with regular, actionable and timely feedback.
  • Computer savvy. You’re the guy who either drives Excel at meetings or gets frustrated at the guy who does.
  • Experience creating cross-training programs. Experience developing young operators into successful managers.
  • Knows the difference between leadership and management… and the importance of each.
  • Lots of patience and high emotional intelligence. The ability and desire to work with people who will challenge you.
  • Proved your intelligence and determination by completing a bachelor’s degree in an engineering or business discipline and preferably your love for learning with a master’s. A Six Sigma Blackbelt and/or is military experience is a plus.

Next Steps:

[email protected] to apply or for more information.