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Material Handler II - 1st Shift

Cleaver-Brooks Sales & Service, Inc. • Lincoln, NE
First Shift
a month ago

Basic Function:

Receives and unpacks materials and supplies and moves them to proper storage area(s). Kits material, issues material, and delivers material to work in process work centers.  Compiles warehouse records and insures the accuracy and integrity of all warehouse material and locations. Performs cycle counting of inventory and routine duties requiring a thorough knowledge of IFS System, Purchasing, Receiving, Processing, Bills of Material and Shop Scheduling policies and procedures. Pulls and prepares parts for packaging as called upon.


Essential Duties:

  1. Unloads and inspects incoming materials for damage or discrepancies; reports any damage or discrepancies found to purchasing and/or supervisor responsible for receiving.
  2. Compares identifying information and counts, weighs, or measures items of incoming and outgoing shipments to verify information against bills of lading, invoices, orders, or other records.
  3. Labels all materials with the proper part number for ease of identification.
  4. Receives and unpacks materials and supplies and verifies counts.
  5. Assigns locations for material being received.
  6. Pulls materials for pick lists generated by IFS system for customer orders and shop orders.
  7. Maintains log of any damaged/discrepant material awaiting disposition.
  8. Maintains files on incoming materials and supplies.
  9. Examines stock to verify visual conformance to specifications.
  10. Puts away received parts; stores articles in bins, on floor or on shelves according to identifying information such as style, size or type of material.
  11. Kits work orders. Ships small package parts.
  12. Prepares periodic, special or perpetual inventory of stock.
  13. Assist to follow up and trace lost, misplaced or misdirected material.
  14. Will distribute stock to work centers, keeping records of material transferred/used.
  15. May determine methods of storage, identification and stock location, considering temperature, humidity, height and weight limits, turnover, flood loading capacities and required space.
  16. Assist to keep tool storage areas in an orderly condition.
  17. Performs cycle count on assigned parts, records accuracy information, investigates reasons for discrepancies, interprets data, and prepares reports using several sources of data as needed.
  18. Makes recommendations for corrective action based on the results of discrepant part investigation.
  19. Maintains cycle count records as requested.
  20. Generates requisitions for all expense items related to the facilities operation when applicable.
  21. Receives all expense items for the manufacturing floor and issues to proper staging area per department as needed.
  22. Resolves routine questions, referring complex questions to supervisor.
  23. Operates material handling equipment, forklift, two-wheeler, overhead cranes etc.
  24. Must know, understand and abide by all safety rules.
  25. Effective in ERP, Excel, Word Document, and Outlook knowledge.

Other Duties:     Performs other work related duties as assigned by management.

Internal Contacts:     Occasional contacts requiring the obtaining or giving of information.

External Contacts:     Contacts required as a regular part of daily duties involving work of non-controversial nature.

Education Required:     High School Diploma or GED; must have good reading, writing and math skills.

Experience Required:     Knowledge of inventory control position, e.g. storeroom operator, receiving, material handler or demonstrates a working knowledge of inventory movement and transactions; general knowledge of computer ERP systems, inventory transactions and information screens; some knowledge of Excel and/or Access helpful but not required.  Operation of material handling equipment required. Must have good communication skills.

Normal Work Schedule:

The hours and days of work are established as needed by operations and at the discretion of management, and, while generally as shown below, may be changed (increased or decreased) by management with overtime as required. Overtime may be scheduled daily and can only be worked as approved by the supervisor.

Hours of Work:  First Shift, generally 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. as scheduled by management with overtime as needed.

Days of Work: Normally Monday through Friday as scheduled by management. Daily overtime, weekends and holidays if needed by operations and approved by management.   

Environmental Factors and Physical Requirements:   Work requires a few simple, but rapid, hand operations; work requires some lifting and pushing/pulling of material as required to count, sort, reconcile, prepare, put away or ship parts; average weight 10 pounds, parts/boxes of materials range from >1 pound up to 65 pounds. Must be able to lift up to 65 lbs. 40” high and up to 50 lbs. overhead on a regular basis. Must be able to work up to 12 hours standing and walking on hard cement surface and will be required to regularly bend, stretch, stoop, and squat. Must be able to read tape measure; read and interpret blueprints, safety rules, operating/procedure and maintenance instructions. Must be able to climb stairs, ladders, and work in temperature ranges corresponding with the outside ambient temperatures. Must be able to access all areas of the plant both inside and outside. Will be exposed to noise, dust, dirt, welding fumes and machine lubricants and/or oils. Must be able and willing to work with and properly use all necessary and/or required personal protective equipment including, but not limited to safety glasses, hearing protection, steel-toed shoes, and hard hats. Operates material handling equipment.


This description indicates the general nature of the tasks and responsibilities required of positions given this classification.  It is not intended as a complete list of specific duties and responsibilities. Nor is it intended to limit or modify the right of management to assign, direct, and control the specific duties of individuals performing this function.  The Company reserves the right to change, modify, amend, add to or delete from any section of this document as it deems, in its judgment, to be proper. This description supersedes any previous descriptions for this position.