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Job Description

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Job Overview:

SEACOR is a diverse family of businesses with career opportunities of all kinds open to dedicated people.

Position Title: Mate

Reports To: Captain

Schedule: One for one – 7/7

Required Qualifications:

Education: High School Diploma

Experience: 2 years’ experience on ocean going and/or inner harbor Tug; Twin screw and/or tractor tug handling experience.

Language: English

Skills/Software: Basic computer skills

Traits: Ability to work well with others, self-starter, proactive, must be flexible with work schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Mate is directly responsible to the Captain and acts on his/her behalf when on watch.

  • On watch, the Mate is responsible for the safety and welfare of the vessel, its crew, and tow.

  • Upon the Captain becoming incapacitated or leaving the vessel for any reason, the Mate will then assume his/her responsibilities, authority, and duties. He/She must, therefore, always be familiar with the Captain’s responsibilities, authority, and duties as outlined in SBTO-7012 G. The Mate on assuming command must immediately notify the office.

  • The Mate must stand his/her watch in the pilothouse, relieving the Captain at sea, and as deemed necessary in port.

  • The Mate must ensure that all logs are completed for the period he is on watch.

  • The Captain may designate the mate as safety officer.
  • Responsible for learning and maintaining ISM and SMS responsibilities on any boat in the fleet
  • The Mate must be offshore capable and be willing to do all relevant jobs asked of them
  • The Mate will be a designated swing person for out of harbor work
    • The shore-side Operations Department heads shall ensure vessel Mates achieve a high level of proficiency in all phases of vessel operations. The Department heads shall ensure that vessel Mates obtain a true and thorough understanding of the vessel and her operations necessary for safe and efficient operation.
  • Vessel Mates will be encouraged and assisted by Seabulk Towing to improve their professional knowledge and skills. Training may be through approved training schools, and/or company sponsored training classes. Qualified personnel from the Operations department will conduct “in-house” training as applicable.
  • All training will be documented. Copies of all Training Certificates obtained will be placed in the individual’s personal file.
  • These consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Immediately report all personal injuries or illnesses to the Captain.
  • Immediately report all accidents resulting in actual or possible damage, including “near misses,” to any SBT tug, other vessels or fixed objects, such as bridges, docks, buoys, and spills or pollution to the Captain.

SBI reserves the right to revise or change job duties and responsibilities as the need arises. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Veteran/Disabled