Marty Faubell Broadcasting Technology Fellowship

Hearst Communications, Inc.

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Albuquerque, NM

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Marty Faubell Broadcasting Technology Fellowship

The Marty Faubell Broadcast Technology Fellowship is named for Martin "Marty" Faubell, who was Hearst Television's Vice President of Engineering from 1997 to 2020. The Fellowship is open to applications from those with a "behind the scenes" interest in television news or radio. 


The Opportunity

The Fellowship is designed to give students exposure to this new technology and to actively engage them in all aspects of television production. The emphasis will be on engineering, IT, and the role of these disciplines within a live broadcast facility. 


How to qualify

  • You must be completing your senior year of college or technical school.
  • You must have demonstrated an active interest and focus on Engineering and Information Technology.
  • You also need to have a strong academic record, and two recommendations from faculty or internship supervisors.
  • You must be willing to spend 10 weeks post-graduation at a Hearst Television station of the company's choosing and be willing to relocate to an appointed employing Hearst station after finishing the program.  


How to apply

Include the following documentation in your application:

  • A letter expressing interest in the fellowship and promoting your candidacy.
  • A summary of your interest in the Technology of television (one page, single-spaced).
  • An updated copy of your resume with work experience and accomplishments.
  • A complete academic transcript through your completed semester.
  • Two academic or professional recommendations.
  • Finalists will be interviewed by phone and either in-person or via video conference.


Application deadlines

For the fall fellowship, applications are due by May 15th. For the spring fellowship, applications are due by September 15th. Decisions regarding fall selection will be made in July and decisions regarding spring selection will be made in October.