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Advanced Cast Products, Inc. • Lincoln, NE
a month ago

Installs, repairs, rebuilds, troubleshoots, diagnose, tests, programs, connects, and performs other electrical and occasional mechanical work for the facility. 

Essential Functions- 
•    Use electrical measurement equipment and tools of the trade effectively. 
•    Installs and repairs electrical wiring, controls, switches, etc. 
•    Installs and repairs electrical systems, apparatus, and electrical and electronic components of industrial machinery and equipment, following electrical code, manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints, and other specifications, using hand tools, power tools, and electrical and electronic test equipment.
•    Installs power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed machines and equipment, such as robots, conveyors, and programmable controllers, following electrical code and blue- prints, using hand tools and voltage tester.
•    Connects power supply wires to machines and equipment, and connects cables and wires between machines and equipment, following manuals, schematic diagrams, and blueprints, using hand tools and test equipment.  
•    Diagnoses malfunctioning apparatus, such as trans- formers, motors, and lighting fixtures, using test equipment, and replaces damaged or broken wires and cables, using hand tools.
•    Tests malfunctioning machinery using test equipment, and discusses malfunction with other workers, such as machine operator, maintenance technicians and department Manager to diagnose malfunction.
•    Replaces faulty electrical components of machine, such as relays, switches, and motors, and positions sensing devices, using hand tools.
•    Diagnoses, and replaces faulty electronic components, such as printed circuit boards, using electronic test equipment and hand tools.
•    Replaces electric motors and rewires motors.
•    May push buttons and press keys on robot controller, teach pendant, and programmable controller to program automated machinery, such as robots, to operate automated machinery, to test for malfunctions, and to verify repairs.
•    May plan layout of wiring and install wiring, conduit, and electrical apparatus in buildings.
•    May diagnose and replace faulty mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components of machines and equipment.
•    Must work safely and in accordance with all rules and regulations of the plant, company and OSHA.
•    Authorized and trained to handle hazardous waste. Assist with the waste stream management of the cupola bag house dust, slag and quench tank discharge, including but not limited to sampling, container inspections, and performance of Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan. 

General Functions –
•    Electrical measuring instruments
•    Transformers, storage masteries, etc.
•    Electrical wiring 
•    Install electrical equipment:  D.C. motors and generators, A.C. motors, generators and rectifiers, solenoids.
•    Construction and installation of conduit and pipe, machines and equipment, light and power distribution.
•    General building maintenance:  Substations (Secondary circuits), light and power circuits elevators, cranes, hoists, etc. 
•    General machine and equipment maintenance:  Control systems, venting, induction heating, machine tools, welding equipment, and electrical equipment.   
•    Electronic equipment and controls:  Construction and installation, troubleshooting and repair.

Education Requirements –   
•    Two year technical degree in Electrical, or related field highly desirable. High school diploma plus four (4) years industrial maintenance experience preferred. 
•    Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan experience- preferred
•    Hazardous Waste Operations/Handling Procedures- preferred
•    Trained within 6 months of job assignment with annual refresher training for the Contingency Plan
•    Ability to read, interpret, understand directions and other communication spoken or written in the English language

Skill Requirements –   
•    Employee must be a self-starter and work with limited supervision 
•    Able to make logical decisions and know where to go to and when to ask for assistance.
•    Finger, hand, eye, feet coordination.
•    Computer skills using Microsoft Office software and Allen Bradley programming skills