Lab Technician


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Reno, NV

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Assembly of 2”-60” mechanical valves using pneumatic and hydraulic powered tools.

  • Set-up and monitoring of valves under pressure and cycle testing in the R&D lab. This includes the use of high pressure water pumps (1100psi typical) and hydraulic fluid pumps (3000psi typical).
  • Monitoring and evaluating valves under cycle test to detect decreases in product performance. Shutting down the cycle test as soon as failure occurs.
  • Computer skills to control and record tests
  • Maintenance of lab equipment including hydraulic and air actuators, valves, hoses, gages and cables
  • Organization of lab equipment, test valves, test equipment, R&D work area, storage areas, and storage crates. This includes storage racks within the R&D and those located at other locations on the property.
  • 5S activities including sorting, setting, scrubbing, standardizing, sustaining
  • Assist in evaluation of customer returned valves
  • Coordination with Operations maintenance team with regards to preventative maintenance on hydraulic pumps, water pumps, and associated R&D equipment.
  • Move valves and components from racks and outside storage areas to the R&D test area using heavy machinery such as forklifts and cranes. Parts and assembled valves can weigh 10,000 Lbs and more.