Journey Worker - Machinist F/T w/Benefits $27.73 p/hr

Kauai Coffee Company, LLC

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Kalaheo, HI

Job Description

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Job Overview:

The Machinist draws on extensive technical training and experience, directs and works on new installations, makes modifications to existing equipment and facilities, preventative maintenance,
inspects repairs, tests and adjusts equipment to ensure continuity of operations. 


  1. Responsible for all safety-related matters including conducting safety meetings with assigned personnel.
  2. Completes and distributes timesheets, reports, requisitions, and work requests.
  3. Maintains and/or submits equipment history files, drawings and other records in a timely manner.
  4. Plans, lays out and coordinates work procedures and assigns work to other personnel. In performance of these functions, incumbent uses blueprints, sketches, written or oral specifications and instructions.
  5. Lays out work establishing necessary reference points, centerlines and guide lines; measures with rule, calipers and micrometers; uses scribes, center punch, surface gauge and dividers to mark metal.
  6. Performs bench or machine work of average difficulty – rough, finish, and precision work – requiring a high degree of accuracy, working at times to a tolerance of 0.0005 inches; machines replacement parts for factory machinery, pumps, powerhouses, field and mechanical equipment, garage equipment, machinery, etc.; machines bolts, pins, shafts, collars, clutch parts, equalizer pins, brass or bronze bushings for various machines or motors; cuts gears and sprockets on shaper; overhauls and reconditions reciprocating, centrifugal and rotary machinery, facing and fitting precision bearings, dismantling and re-boring cylinders; accurately measures and copies parts to be replaced.
  7. Sets up work on all types of machines; selects appropriately shaped and sharpened cutting tools for each operation and bolts, or clamps, to tool holder of machine; makes tools from bar stock; grinds and sharpens tools when necessary with abrasive wheels.
  8. Operates all machine shop tools such as band saw, circular saw or power hacksaw to cut stock roughly to size, planer or shaper to make plane cuts, lathe to turn parts to desired diameters, drill press to drill holes, grinders to smooth finish or reduce stock to size; pipe threading machine, bolt threading machine, sheet metal shears and bender.
  9. Sets machines for optimal feed and cutting tool speed with relation to metal type and surface for each kind of work.
  10. Measures dimensions of work periodically to determine that the part is being machined to exact dimensions, uses steel ruler, calipers, micrometer and gauges to verify.
  11. Dismantles, overhauls, repairs and makes adjustments to the following equipment: pumps, coffee processing and milling equipment, hydroelectric water turbines and generator sets, engines, all types of field equipment, cleaning and washing equipment; fits bearings on rollers, makes keyways, etc. checks for flaws, cracks, or work parts.  Makes necessary repairs, adjustments and modifications.
  12. Operates electric bridge cranes, assists in loading, unloading and moving of equipment in the shop and factory.  Ensures proper lifting and rigging procedures are followed when using mobile, overhead and/or other lifting equipment
  13. Uses a gas torch for preparing parts for press-fits, etc.
  14. Obtains material from warehouse, stockroom or scrap areas.
  15. Sharpens all operating tools including drills.
  16. Cleans up, services and maintains shop equipment and shop area.
  17. Certification and/or licensing may be required, such as driver’s license, professional license, or other.
  18. Compliance with all House Rules, Company/Department Policies and Company/Union Agreements.
  19. Coordinates, directs and performs the installation and repair of all company equipment and facilities including mobile and stationary equipment, structures, pipelines, valves, hydroelectric stations, pumps, related pump station equipment, conveyors, pulpers, dryers and related coffee factory equipment.
  20. Works with area supervisors, leadworkers, or others in identifying problems.  Plans, schedules, and procures material and personnel to correct problems.  Makes recommendations and suggestions concerning unusual or special work situations.
  21. Designs and constructs special jigs and fixtures to facilitate work completion.
  22. As required, fabricates and constructs parts out of various metals and/or plastics.
  23. Responsible for preparation and cleanup of the job site.
  24. Does filing, chipping and fitting on machinery and machine parts.  Aligns shafting, pulleys, etc.
  25. Conducts on-the-job training of other personnel.
  26. Inspects all finished jobs and issues completion and release orders.
  27. Have a working knowledge of all machine shop equipment and techniques.
  28. Certification and/or licensing may be required (e.g., driver license, professional license, etc.)

Note:   The above job description contains the general data considered necessary to isolate factors affecting the job evaluation and is not to be construed as an accounting of all duties and requirements that may be inherent to the job.

*Kauai Coffee is an Equal Opportunity Employer