HVAC Service Technician

Southern States Petroleum

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Milford, DE

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Southern States Cooperative, Inc. is offering excellent pay and benefits for an HVAC Technician.

General Summary

Performs installation, maintenance and repair of propane and/or oil burning systems, HVAC units, equipment, and appliances for Southern States Cooperative, Inc. (SSC) customers. Strictly adheres to government regulations and SSC operating procedures while working independently. 

Essential Job Functions -- complexity of essential job functions increases with grade level

  • Maintain regular communication with facility leadership regarding daily service dispatching for new installation, repair and maintenance of appliances, systems and related equipment. Provide updates and input on installation schedule, job progress, account issues, supply of materials and other critical factors. 
  • Safely install and repair HVAC equipment and appliances according to federal and state codes. In addition, installation of these items: propane tankless hot water heaters, propane gas fire logs and burners. Calibrate equipment to proper settings. Effectively utilize HVAC, mechanical, electrical, millwright, plumbing, and other specialized skills and the appropriate tools as determined by the job. 
  • Read and effectively interpret manuals, diagrams, meters, gauges, and control panels to perform installations and repair equipment. Gather and analyze information to diagnose malfunctions and troubleshoot systems. 
  • Represent SSC in a positive manner by providing reliable and prompt service to customers. Communicate in a professional and courteous manner. Provide usage instructions for all equipment and appliances serviced. Review account details, collect payments or provide invoices, and confirm future service with customers. Strive to grow and maintain SSC market share through excellent service and customer referrals. 
  • Discuss new equipment sales with current and prospective customers. Conduct site surveys and identify products and equipment to meet capacity needs. Assist customers in making an educated and informed decision by reviewing options and presenting recommendations. 
  • Effectively operate Southern States Cooperative, Inc. (SSC) commercial motor vehicles in compliance with government regulations and SSC policy.
  • Ensure that all in-warranty parts are returned to supplier along with proper information in order for location to receive proper credit. 
  • Maintain adequate parts inventory. Assist with taking physical inventory of parts, equipment and merchandise. Adhere to inventory control initiatives. May assist with shipping and/or receiving of related products as determined by business need. Effectively utilize forklift and other material handling equipment according to facility procedures. 
  • Participate in specialized training, certification courses, and/or meetings as requested. Learn and develop techniques to enhance job performance and to stay current on industry safety and operational standards. 
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area by keeping tools, equipment and supplies in proper places. Minimize waste and properly dispose of waste material. Perform all related cleaning of equipment, vehicle and work areas according to Housekeeping Plan and SSC procedures. 
  • Perform work safely as to not cause harm to yourself, customers and property, co-workers, equipment, or inventory. Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. Operate all equipment and vehicles according to SSC policy and government regulations. Comply with OSHA regulations, Southern States Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) standards, work rules and policies. 
  • Perform all other job functions as assigned.