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Verona, MS

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Building our Future Together. FXI is a leading producer of foam innovation in the Bedding, Furniture, Industrial, Home & Office, Healthcare, and Transportation markets. We have made it our mission to provide tailored solutions that delight our customers and consumers. With our corporate headquarters, high-tech research and development facility, and multiple manufacturing locations in North America, FXI has built a culture of innovation and achievement that is recognized by customers, suppliers and peers. Our products include finished goods, sub-assemblies, services, and raw materials for OEMs, fabricators, and retailers. You will find FXI’s foam innovations inside, around, and under yourself in countless applications. Everywhere foam goes, FXI’s innovations lead the way! Won’t you join us?


Assists with the set up, operation, and control of the foam machine.

Performs cleaning operations required to maintain equipment in good operating condition.

Checks and maintains proper chemical levels in run tanks.

Adjust flow controls where necessary to obtain proper deliveries.

Prepares and assembles mechanical components required to set up machine for operation.

Assists with ensuring all foam machine troughs are properly maintained and installed.

Involvement in daily breakdown of head on foam machine shutdowns.

Helps maintains the chemical tank farm and north side of foam machine in a manner consistent with good housekeeping.

Observe foam and report defects to Supervisor.

Assists in the preparation of papers, films, start up block, and other related items in the normal set up procedure.

Prepares shut down mechanism and manually blocks foam at the end of each run.

Transports chemical drums, upends, and make proper attachments based on the foam being run.

Keep abreast of all changes in product and process.  Know how to check for quality problems and where to find the answers.  Know the quality standards of the products we produce.

Help encourage and maintain good housekeeping.

Assist production supervision as required.

Check and change side rolls and bottom paper.


Read a tape measure when measuring tank levels and bun sizes.

Knowledge of fraction/decimal conversions.

Reading comprehension skills adequate to understand written communication.

Write legible and understandable communication.