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Equipment Operator/Intercompany Driver

Xpress Boats • Malvern, AR
a month ago


AIM: The aim of the equipment operator is to safely transport WIP and finished goods to their destination in the facility.



•  The responsibilities of the Equipment Operator include, but are not limited to: Tractor operator. 

•  Capable of operating multiple pieces of  equipment  

•  Operate all heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. 

•  Perform daily maintenance and safety checks of equipment. 

•  Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment, report shipping supervisor.

• Perform routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of the equipment. 

• Inspect and secure every hauling trailer before and after loading.

• Pick up all toon jacks and wood blocks after removing boats from location.

• Check all numbers for boats and trailers to ensure paperwork is correct.

• Pick up any sharp objects that may possibly puncture a tire.

• Inspect all boats before and after using heavy equipment to move them.


Experience operating heavy equipment (i.e. 22,000 + capcity for lifts, tractors, etc.)  

Self motivating