Engineering Technician II - IV

Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc.

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Job Description

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Job Overview:

Engineering Technician IIIV - Candidate must possess or be able to obtain a security clearance of Secret or higher as well as a valid U.S. driver’s license.

EWA Warrior Services has multiple positions for TEMPORARY employment in support of upcoming test/training events. The Engineering Technician IV (ETIV) participates in test event planning, documentation, data collection and troubleshooting for Developmental and Operations Testing/Training events.  Successful candidates will be trained on the operation of various Electronic Warfare and mobile systems and assigned as the primary operator for that system during each event.
o Candidates must be able to:
• Work flexible hours inclusive of overtime and non-consistent scheduling
• Work in adverse weather conditions
• Work in a team environment
• Prioritize safety while working toward successful completion of the task at hand
• Stand, climb, stoop, bend, sit, and perform activities that require physical exertion
• Lift up to 50 lbs

o Candidate must possess or be able to obtain a security clearance of Secret or higher as well as a valid U.S. driver’s license.
o In order to be considered for this position an individual must be proficient in the Electronic Warfare/Radio Frequency (EW/RF) skill set listed below.
• Strong understanding of RF terminology, theory and operation
• Ability to measure RF characteristics; including signal strength, bandwidth, modulation type, etc.
• Ability to competently use spectrum analyzers, signal generators, attenuators, amplifiers and other RF instrumentation
• Ability to calculate power by taking known and/or measured gains and losses in a RF path
• Ability to accurately position receive and transmit antennas
• Ability to deploy RF related hardware in a field environment. (i.e. masts, towers, guy wires, ground anchors, cabling, connectors, etc.)

Additionally a candidate must have some experience in the following three skill categories:
o Computers and networking experience
• The ability to proficiently operate a variety of standard PC based programs. Such as: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer
• The ability to input data into various user interface applications
• The ability to save and transfer data via USB sticks, CDs, hard drives, or other storage devices
• Knowledgeable with networking and component configuration set-up and troubleshooting.
o Hand tool and maintenance knowledge
• Strong working knowledge and the ability to use hand tools and technician diagnostic equipment. (i.e. digital multi meters, power meters, power drills, wrenches, screw drivers, etc.)
• Work experience as a technician in any of the following fields is considered a plus; Mechanic, Electrician, Hydraulic or pneumatic system repairman, Communication system repairman
o U.S. Military test exercise and field operation experience
• Knowledge of military protocol and standard operating procedures during FTX events
• Understanding and ability to work in the dynamic fast paced environment of a military test event

Work under this effort is recurring but temporary in nature. Employee will be contacted prior to an identified task start date to confirm availability and provide additional instructions.