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Electro Mechanical Technician - D Shift

Agility Fuel Solutions, LLC • Lincoln, NE
a month ago

Job Summary

Provide technical support to production facility and assure uninterrupted manufacturing flow. Perform troubleshooting and maintenance of production machinery and equipment, including, but not limited to; electrical work; electronic work on machines; welding; teardown and assembly; gas, water or other pipeline work; machining; carpentry work; and run production equipment. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly fashion. Provide support to Manufacturing Engineering in such areas as manufacturing support, product development, testing, and process improvement.   

Duties and Responsibilities 

· Assist manufacturing in producing a product per Standard Operating Procedures, Lincoln Process Specifications and other work instructions. 

· Write lockout tag out procedures for all equipment. 

· Observe and test the operation of machinery and equipment in order to diagnose malfunctions, using voltmeters, pressure gauges, heat sensors, observing load cells, string gauges, and other testing devices. 

· Maintain equipment in excellent working condition. 

· Ensure that Preventative Maintenance program is up to date. 

· Assist in the installing of new equipment. 

· Make tooling to assist the production of our product. 

· Operate newly repaired machinery and equipment to verify the adequacy of repairs. 

· Conduct and coordinate cycle and destructive testing of production lots and special tank evaluations. 

· Provide hands-on support in fabrication inspection and/or testing of products, such as engineering prototypes and customer returns. 

· Recommend equipment to purchase to improve production equipment. 

· Keep maintenance shop organized and clean. 

· Comply with Company policies and procedures. 

· Comply with safety programs, policies and guidelines to ensure clean, orderly and safe working conditions. 

· Perform other functions as assigned.   

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

· Knowledge of the accepted practices, processes, materials, and tools of the maintenance trades. 

· Knowledge of electric motors, generators, pumps, pressure systems, water systems and other equipment and systems found in facilities. 

· Knowledge of the servicing and maintenance of simple power, heating, and cooling units. 

· Knowledge of PLC control and motion control systems, and ability to program such systems 

· High mechanical and electronic aptitude along with the knowledge or ability to run a mill, lathe and other machine shop tools 

· Basic computer knowledge preferred 

· Ability to do routine mechanical or electrical maintenance and care for tools and equipment. 

· Ability to work from sketches, drawings, blueprints, schematics, and pneumatics drawings. 

· Ability to use test and measure equipment for flow, pressure, current, voltage, etc. 

· Ability to maintain records regarding material, equipment, and repairs. 

· Ability to perform basic calculations and conversions.   

Credentials and Experience 

· Two year technical degree in mechanical or electronics field or equivalent experience required. 

· A minimum of five years of experience performing or assisting skilled trades workers in the mechanical and electronics trades required. 

Other Skills/Abilities or Special Requirements 

· Ability to operate a fork lift truck. 

· Ability to lift up to 40 lbs on a regular basis, up to 80 lbs on a limited/occasional basis 

· Ability to stand up to 8 hours per day 

· Ability to work with both hands and both feet on a regular basis 

· Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the building maintenance trades. 

· Knowledge of proper use of a portable fire extinguisher (Training will be provided) 

· Knowledge of hazardous waste handling (Training will be provided)