CTL Operator 2nd Shift M-F (2:30PM-11:00PM) $16.00/HR + $2.00/HR Shift Premium

Accuform Signs, Inc.

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$16 /h
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Moselle, MS
Second Shift

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

Uses production schedule to determine material to be cut.

Operate/cycle CTL machine.

Using tag numbers, communicates to Material Handler rolls to be pulled.

Using crane, loads material and places on conveyor.

Measures out the length of material ordered and initiates cuts.

Rounds corners of material using a radius cutter.

Stamps operator code on shipping label or stock label identifying product has passed inspection.

Re-wraps and re-labels remnant rolls to be returned to remnant storage area.

Stacks boxes or material on a skid.

Record scrap records.

Performs finished goods packout and finished goods quality inspection.

Keeps scrap materials separated into appropriate bins.

Continuously monitors the quality of the material to ensure that it meets quality standards.

Assists in maintaining department in accordance with good housekeeping practices.

Observes all safety and environmental procedures.

Performs other duties as requested by supervision.

Job Qualifications

Ability to read, write, and perform basic math.

Ability to work with little or no supervision, given proper instructions.

Ability to read and use a tape measure to 1/16th of an inch.

Ability to measure foam thickness with feeler gauges to 1/32th of an inch.

Ability to competently operate personal computer terminal.

High School diploma or equivalent required.

Physical Demands

Rarely             (0% to 33%)

Occasionally   (34% to 66%)

Frequently       (67% to 100%)

Rarely pushes, sits, reclines, squats, kneels, twists, climbs, balances, crawls, or reaches above the shoulder. Occasionally lifts up to 70 pounds, carries up to 70 pounds, pulls with one or both hands, stands, reaches horizontally, reaches below the waist and reaches above the shoulder. Frequently walks and stands.

Working Conditions

Rarely             (0% to 33%)

Occasionally   (34% to 66%)

Frequently       (67% to 100%)

Rarely deals with the outside, low humidity, wetness, slippery surfaces, vibration, confined space, high elevation, noise, chemical irritant, oil, odors, explosives, electrical hazards and toxic conditions. Occasionally deals with high temperature, high humidity and low temperature. Frequently deals with the inside, and moving objects.

Equipment Used

This job uses utility knife, CTL machine, radius cutter, tape measure, tape gun, air stapler, calculator, and computer.