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Cost Estimator/CNC Programmer

Norfolk Iron & Metal Co. • Norfolk, NE
a month ago

The Cost Estimator/CNC Programmer will review customer drawings and specifications, determine appropriate material utilization and labor functions, and determine the estimated cost of the project.
The Cost Estimator/CNC Programmer will communicate the job cost to the sales department and job details to the processing department.

1. The estimator will review blueprints, specifications, customer proposals and drawings, and other
2. The estimator will prepare time, costs, and labor estimates for bids using company software and relating
nesting programs.
3. The estimator will review all data to determine labor and material requirements and prepares a work order,
including drawings when needed, to communicate the data to the appropriate sales staff and processing
4. The estimator will use nesting software to determine the most efficient material usage.
5. The estimator will set up cutting programs for single and multiple jobs using CAM software.
6. The estimator will communicate the scope, instructions/ drawings, labor hours, material usage and material
return to the sales and processing departments.
7. The estimator may consult with the Estimating Supervisor, vendors, customers, or other individuals to
determine the lowest cost for finished material and/or project to the customer.
8. Estimator may review industry standards and/or other pertinent regulations for assistance in preparing the
9. Estimator will communicate with the processing scheduler regarding estimated times and completion dates.

Job Posting / WIP Analysis:1. Estimator will communicate and observe the Laser Operators cutting nest in process to isolate problem
areas and identify best practices when nesting on all thicknesses.
2. Estimator may be asked to take part in reviewing a machine and operator processes to find more efficient
ways for completing a job.
Job Costing / Post Job Analysis:
1. Estimator will use company software to gather job cost data and assist the Estimating Supervisor in
analyzing internal costing trends.
2. Estimator will ensure the future bids reflect current trends in costing.
3. Estimator may work with the Estimating Supervisor and sales department in evaluating market trends and
developing pricing strategies.
4. The estimator may assist the Estimating Supervisor in special studies to develop and establish standard
hour and related cost data to reduce costs.
Process Improvements / ISO
1. Assist the Estimating Supervisor in evaluating the work flow process and submit recommendations to
management for improvement.
2. May assist the Estimating Supervisor regarding potential technological investments including software and
automation to improve efficiency and increase profitability.
3. Evaluate content and timing of paperwork and forms to ensure proper communication is maintained
between processing personnel, including estimators, and all other departments.
4. Ensure compliance with customer quality requirements, ISO 9000 standards and company policies and
5. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.