Composite Engineer Intern/Co-Op (Spring 2022 In Person)


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Baltimore, MD

Job Description

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Job Overview:


  •  Composite Development
  •  Develop tooling and CAD concepts for composite products.
  •  Develop layups and construction techniques for product concepts
  •  Prototype composite parts using multiple techniques.
  •  Develop test methods and iterate on product concepts
  •  Prepare drawings for product concepts
  •  Preparation of possible solutions along with decision matrix to assist in choosing technical direction
  •  Mechanical Engineering and Innovation
  •  Validate new designs and technologies through lab and user testing
  •  Perform product lab testing in conjunction with product QC or Certification
  •  Design and construct in-house equipment to test products and product concepts
  •  Participate in brainstorming sessions to create new ideas
  •  Prepare presentations and slides to communicate ideas
  •  Reports directly to Engineering Manager
  •  Other duties assigned 


  •  Working toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Composite Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineer, or a related major, at a college or university level.
  •  Composite Layup Skills (Hand Layup, Resin Infusion, RTM)
  •  Basic 3D CAD & Drafting Skills.
  •  Experience building custom test fixtures and equipment in a hands on environment
  •  Fast learner and someone that takes the initiative
  •  An active participant on a team or in a collaborative environment
  •  Knowledge/Skills of Microsoft Office Suite
  •  Strong Project Management/Organizational Skills
  •  Sports equipment background, interest, and experience a huge plus
  •  All applicants must be based in and/or able to commute to Baltimore, MD