CNC Turning&Milling Center

Davis-Standard, LLC

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Pawcatuck, CT

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Set up and operate turning center (INTEGREX – Thrust shaft Cell) with secondary machining functions in one chucking with milling capacity.

• Perform the operations of turning, threading, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, milling, probing and other related machining functions within the capabilities of the machine.
• Make set ups based on prints, route sheets and verbal instructions.
• Program own parts using Mazatrol CNC interactive programming.
• Set up tooling to prescribed dimensions.
• Load tooling into machine, measure tooling according to prescribed methods, recording and loading cutter dimensions into the control.
• Determine and set fixture offsets for multi station set ups.
• Test cut, measure and adjust tooling and machine offsets required to produce quality products.
• Deviate from programmed speeds and feeds only when necessary.
• Change worn and broken tooling.
• Maintain tooling inventories at machine and keep them in good condition.
• Deburr, assemble and inspect using appropriate measuring instruments, as directed by supervision and as call for in the process.
• Operator is responsible for quality of work.
• Run any machinery or complete any procedure within the Cell (including preparation of tooling for the next job) during cycle times of the INTEGREX in addition to operating the ejector drill.
• Use appropriate material handling devices (forklift, overhead crane, etc.) when necessary.
• Perform daily maintenance on the machine as prescribed by service manual, instructions tags and supervisor, to ensure consistently good performance.
• Maintain accurate records of maintenance actions.
• Detect faulty operation, faulty material, and report these and any other problems to immediate supervisor.
• Maintain good housekeeping of machine and work are on a regular basis
• Comply with all safety regulations including wearing necessary protective equipment.
• Perform all other similar and/or related duties as required and/or directed.