CNC Programmer

Lewis Machine & Tool Co.

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Eldridge, IA

Job Description

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Job Overview:


LMT Defense is hiring! The function of the CNC Programmer is to setup, program and operate any machine in the shop including CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, and manual machines. This position has extensive set up and programming experience and spends most of their time setting up machines, programming new operations and improving existing operations. This is considered a production position where the programmer always assures that typical operators can meet or exceed the rate for setting up and operating the machine. The programmer creates and updates the operation specific paperwork for assigned programs/operations. The programmers train and help less experienced operators. These operators work well with little supervision. This position also performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor of the position.



  • Required: High School/GED diploma or vocational school equivalent


  • Preferred: 4 years of experience in Program, Setup, and Safely operate multi-turret CNC lathes with live tooling and 5 axis CNC mills. (Experience with Okuma and Mazak machines is preferred)
  • Preferred: 1 year of experience using Esprit


  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Excellent visual perception to ensure accurate interpretation of customer drawings and specifications.
  • Full physical capability to sit, stand, walk, climb, reach, bend and maneuver around equipment and job stations.
  • Ability to simultaneously schedule and coordinate multiple jobs according to priority.
  • Motivated and willing to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity with the products provided to all existing customers, and processes used by LMT to create products.
  • Computer literacy at a level of competence to enable interpretation of CAM software applications and the ability to create G-Code.
  • Ability to use manual and automatic measuring equipment. Including but not limited to calipers, micrometers, height stands.
  • Ability to interpret 2D part drawings, calculate dimensions, and production information for programming and inspection of machines parts.




  • Delineation of responsibilities of all key reporting positions to assure coordination of activities and understand by all employees.
  • Ensuring that product specifications and tolerances are within acceptable ranges, and that processes and tooling are optimized to best performance.
  • Identification, evaluation, and implementation of improvements in, processes, procedures, materials, and equipment that will position the company at the leading edge of our industry.
  • Developing prototype machines parts from 3D Models and/or 2D drawings in a short period of time This involves selecting:

o Material

o Tooling

o Creating programs

o Making parts

o Measuring dimensions

  • Poka Yoke – Develop and implement processes which are less “people” dependent and focused on elimination of errors.
  • Continual improvement shall be accomplished by review of internal scrap/rework and determining root cause and implementing the appropriate corrective actions and controls to eliminate the root cause of the failure(s).
  • Daily communications with key department personnel to ensure common understanding of immediate issues affecting operations.
  • Weekly review of the production status of projects and planning corrective action as required.
  • On-going communication with the Director of Engineering to ensure common understanding of immediate issues affecting output.
  • Daily assessment of individual employee productivity.
  • Any other duties requested by the Director of Engineering