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Carlisle Companies, Inc. • Carlisle, PA
17 days ago

Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), is a global leader in the building materials industry.  We’ve been around since 1917.  In just the past six years, our company has grown by nearly 70%.


If you love a good challenge, you’ll fit right in.


Job Summary

The Chemist will Research and Develop chemical formulations within the product line she/he holds primary responsibility. The role includes but is not limited to innovating new products and processes, supporting existing products and processes, optimizing operational costs and installation costs, quality assurance of raw material specifications, as well as the design and performance requirements of products used in building envelope systems. This position will research latest technologies using laboratory, pilot-scale, and plant-scale processing equipment to create new products and building assemblies, test methods, formulations, and processing techniques. Effective communication of this knowledge will be demonstrated by teaching others, sharing knowledge, and collaborating with stakeholders within and outside our organization. This position will operate under the general guidance of Team Leader, Manager or Director R&D.


Duties and Responsibilities:

· 30% - Cost Reduction

o Manage existing formulation

o Research new formulations

o Technical resource to answer technical questions

· 30% - Plant Support

o Ensure raw material supply is consistent and high quality

o Ensure highest quality production metrics

o Project management skills that deliver high impact results

o Assist testing products and systems

· 30% - New Product / Process Development

o Research and Develop technologies to create and sell new products

o Create new tests that support new product and process development

o Organize work in alignment with business priorities

· 10% - Innovation Research

o Collaborate with raw material suppliers to innovate new raw materials

o Read and Research latest technologies to identify future new products and processes

o Collaborate and share knowledge with others

· Other Duties as Assigned by Manager

Required Skills/Abilities/Knowledge:

· Essential Full Performance Knowledge

o Chemical Formula Expertise & Knowledge

§ Existing Product line formulations and raw materials

§ New Product formulation research and development

§ Operation of analytical, mechanical property and chemical processing equipment

§ Test equipment knowledge and test method development

§ Safety compliance and procedures knowledge

§ Math/algebra/applied statistics

§ Laboratory Information Data System knowledge

§ Computer knowledge of current programs

o Processing technology

§ Polymer manufacturing technologies

§ Small-, Pilot-, Plant-scale processing equipment

§ Plant batch- and/or continuous-manufacturing processes

§ Assembly and Fabrication

§ Testing equipment

o Elementary concepts in building envelope system technology

§ Design

§ Installation

§ Product / System testing in the Field

o Knowledge of polymer materials and compounds

o Company rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

o Internal processing and purchasing specifications.

o Standard test methods and procedures

o Handling, storage safe handling of hazardous waste and materials.

· Essential Full Performance Skills

o Data Analysis

§ Test output interpretation

§ Data analysis (i.e. XR charts and histograms)

§ Statistical calculations

§ Ability to use data to make decisions.

o Leadership skills

§ Help solve problems.

§ Ability to facilitate laboratory workload with good safety and practices.

§ Ability to train others.

§ Ability to multitask, work with flexible assignments and schedules.

o Interpersonal skills-oral communication, written communication

§ Communication with Technicians

§ Communication with scientists, engineers, and management staff

§ Communication with departments outside of R&D, such as Plant, Purchasing, outside auditors, suppliers, etc.

§ Communication with Sales and Customers

o Computer literacy

§ Skills with current business software employed by the Company

§ Skills with process control software employed by the Company

§ Skills with statistical software employed by the Company

§ Skills with lab equipment software employed by the Company

o Operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all lab equipment

o Individual and group problem solving skills

o Mathematical reasoning and problem solving

· Equipment / Data

o Equipment Operated

o Data Used

§ Trade magazines, publications, journals, patents, etc.

§ Plant equipment, process, quality performance data

§ Raw material test data and specifications

§ Plant, machine, and test equipment processing specifications

§ Supplier raw material certificates of analyses

§ 3rd party test lab and certification lab reports


o Materials Used

§ All raw materials in R&D and Plants

§ Experimental raw materials and formulation

§ Work-in-process

§ Finished products

§ Competitive product

§ Test methods, standards, SOPs, and equipment operating manuals

o Interactions with Others

§ R&D technicians, chemists, and engineers

§ Plant Technical/QA personnel

§ Product Marketing

§ Purchasing agents

§ Equipment & Raw Material Suppliers

§ Sales and Customers


Travel Requirement

· Some travel is required, approximately 25% of travel time (although more travel may be required on occasion).