Chemical Blender Second Shift

Jacam Chemical

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Sterling, KS
Second Shift

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Work Environment:

Chemical Manufacturing environment inside and outside of metal buildings. Employee will work in temperature extremes and in a chemical odors environment. Depending on exact position, employee may need to: Operate a forklift, tip and move 55 gallon drums weighing up to 600 pounds with a drum dolly, lift and carry 100 pounds in various packaging lift and handle empty 55 gallon drums.


Essential Functions: 

  • Ability to successfully use heating and cooling systems per standard operating procedures and employee training
  • Use exothermic and endothermic reaction training to recognize an abnormal chemical reaction situation
  • Contact the proper supervisor or maintenance personnel if abnormal situation occurs
  • Fill out proper mass balance after chemical reaction has been finished and final product weight has been measured
  • Work with proper HSE personnel to handle any wastes generated during chemical reaction
  • Proficient with required Safety & Hazmat policies, procedures and reporting.
  • Maintain, inspect and clean equipment and facilities as required per standard operating procedures
  • Sample, test and log results of materials and products, as required, to ensure quality and control of product.
  • Blend chemical per manufacturing specifications. No substitutions or modifications without supervisor’s authorization
  • Use proper container for the finished blended material, making sure all proper labeling is applied
  • Verify the correct batch number is applied to the container and quality control sample is collected a properly stored
  • Starts pumps and agitators, turns valves, or moves controls of processing equipment to admit, transfer, filter, or mix chemicals
  •  Follow the appropriate Hazmat clean up and disposal procedures and immediately report all spills to the Blend Facility Supervisor
  • Maintain the highest levels of sanitation in order to preserve the quality of the product



  • High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED)
  • Ability to use various power tools safely
  • Basic knowledge of various pumps and valves
  • Forklift Certification preferred, but not required
  • Preferred welding experience


Skills & Abilities: 

  • Computer Skills: Have basic computer skills. Efficiently navigate a web browser, follow online instructions, type and use a mouse.
  • Work Ethic: Be dependable, trustworthy, truthful, and credible in the workplace. Display a sincere desire to provide service or assistance, follow instructions, and take responsibility for own actions. Show a commitment to doing the best job possible.
  • Physical Abilities: Lift and carry 100 pounds in various packaging. Tip and move 55 gallon drums, weighing up to 600 pounds, with the use of a drum dolly.