M-D Building Products, Inc.

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Oklahoma City, OK

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):

  1. Receive verbal directions from others regarding duties to be performed.
  2. Remove metal debris from scrap with oil cutting liquid.
  3. Operate Plastics/Wallbase Grinder. Knowledge of materials to keep separate in the grinding process.
  4. Transport raw materials and finished product with hand truck and hand cart between processing and storage locations within department and to finished goods storage area. Remove scrap vinyl and other materials to designated areas for recycling or disposal.
  5. Assist other areas of manufacturing by relieving an operation. May involve making minor adjustments to stops, obtaining raw material, adjust guides as needed to maintain sizes and shapes, activating machine controls for starting and stopping, checking finished products for proper color, shape, size, length, and similar requirements making minor corrective adjustments to produce acceptable products.  Inform supervisor or regular operator of any abnormal situations.
  6. Assist other department personnel dismantle set ups, obtain and return tooling from and to storage, positioning tooling and helping operator check processed parts for proper size as required.


NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (Marginal tasks performed on this job):

  1. Fill in on other jobs with equal or less difficulties when needed.
  2. Help with cleaning up.
  3. Must be able to interact with employees in a professional manner at all times.


JOB STANDARDS (Minimum qualifications needed to perform essential job functions):

  1. Must be able to use and read a tape measure.
  2. Must be able to stand for a minimum of ten hours.
  3. Must be able to carry, lift or push work-in-process which could weigh up to 50 pounds.


EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/SKILLS (Needed to perform this job specifically):

  1. Basic math skills (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) are necessary to perform job functions.
  2. Basic writing skills are required in the completion of daily production records.
  3. Basic verbal communication skills are required to transfer or interpret the explanation of problems and to receive and understand work assignments.
  4. Good motor skills (hand/eye coordination) are necessary for the efficient operation of this job.
  5. Good vision is required to visually inspect vinyl for quality.


EQUIPMENT (Machines, devices, tools, personal protective equipment, etc. used on this job):

Clippers, cutters, knives, vinyl spools, portable platform lift, hand tools, hearing protection, eye protection and safety shoes.