Avionics Technician - KC-130J - AIS Crestview, FL

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Crestview, FL

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Electrician/Avionics Technicians install, inspect, test, adjust, or repair avionics, and aircraft electrical equipment, such as radar, radio, navigation, and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles. They also test and troubleshoot instruments, components, and assemblies, using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, or voltmeters. Troubleshoots malfunctions in aircraft navigation, communications, and environmental systems. This worker reads and interprets manufacturers' and airline's maintenance manuals, service bulletins, technical data, engineering data, and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components. Job duties require that this mechanic: adjusts, repairs, or replaces electrical wiring system and aircraft accessories, performs preflight, thru-flight, and post-flight maintenance inspections, and performs miscellaneous duties to service aircraft. This incumbent supervises the jacking and towing of aircraft, enters in the maintenance records description of the work performed and verifies the work was performed satisfactorily, may service engines and airframe components at line station making repairs, short of overhaul, required to keep aircraft in safe operating condition. Must be willing to work any shift or schedule. Must be willing to travel as required.

Job Duties & Requirements:

  • Keep records of maintenance and repair work.
  • Adjust, repair, or replace malfunctioning components or assemblies, using hand tools or soldering irons.
  • Install electrical wire harnesses, and electronic components, assemblies, and systems in aircraft, in accordance with engineering drawings using hand tools, power tools, or soldering irons.
  • Set up and operate ground support and test equipment to perform functional flight tests of electrical and electronic systems.
  • Assemble components such as switches, electrical controls, and junction boxes, using hand tools or soldering irons.
  • Lay out installation of aircraft assemblies and systems, following documentation such as blueprints, manuals, and wiring diagrams.

Basic Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma/GED and 5 years of aircraft mechanical experience.
  • Ability to utilize computer based systems to perform duties.
  • Must be willing/able to work any shift or schedule.