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Job Description

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Job Overview:

Reporting to the Project / Shift Manager, the Lead Technician is responsible for overseeing, directing and orienting Technicians to execute their work in accordance to task requirements and in line with the Company Repair Station procedures and requirements, ensuring compliance to FAA/EASA regulations and in line with OEM MPDs, and in so doing delivering efficient high quality work with safety being their uncompromised priority. 

 Ensure the highest quality service, safety standards and performance, with the objective of exceeding customer satisfaction in the re-delivery of airworthy, reliable and clean aircraft, in a timely manner.

  • Direct and supervise assigned Technicians (Aircraft Mechanics, Sheet Metal Mechanics, Avionic Technicians, Outside Services personnel), guiding and advising technical activity in accordance with the Task Card/MPD, Repair Station Manual and FAA regulations. 
  • Become familiar with and follow the requirements of this Repair Station Manual, Federal Aviation Regulations, Airworthiness Directives, Advisory Circulars, Manufacturer’s Service Bulletins, Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM), Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC), Fault Isolation Manual (FIM), Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM), Standard Wiring Practices Manual (SWPM), and any other required to perform their assigned work. Never begin any maintenance unless in possession of the proper, current and applicable approved or acceptable data. 
  • Provide leadership and direction, coach and mentor technicians to consistently deliver excellence in their job execution as individuals and team players, ensuring high quality and efficient workmanship for on-time re-delivery of aircraft. 
  • Secure commitment and accountability at all levels in execution of both work and accurate supporting documentation.
  • Ensure work schedule is in line with established project plan for each aircraft to be serviced in accordance with the Workscope and respective timeline.
  • Assist Project Manager in elaborating detailed Shift Handover instructions and Work Interruption logs.
  • Supervise and monitor Man Hour utilization in collaboration with Production Planning and Control. Make sure that all labor and materials used are allocated to the proper work order and item number.
  • Work closely with Inspectors in order to prevent time wastage due to unnecessary delays, interruptions and duplicate work. 
  • Report to Project Manager any parts requirements and always carry out Purchase Order requests and Parts Consumption in accordance with Company procedures and documentation requirements including sign-offs.
  • Support the Project Manager in making sure that all Maintenance Personnel are qualified to accomplish the duties assigned to them.
  • Verify that tool required by Technicians are available and if not to work with Stores to provision them prior to commencing the tasks.
  • Oversee Technicians to ensure the work area and hangar is kept to the highest standards of safety, compliant at all times, enforcing regulations and practices to avoid accidents. Strictly enforce good housekeeping practices at all times with an objective of securing an environment conducive to employee well-being.
  • Report any incident immediately to Quality & Safety in accordance with Company policies and procedures. Scrutinize the proper tagging of Aircraft components, parts and panels appropriately stored (including racks by aircraft).
  • Demand and accomplish document procedures and sign-offs in accordance with Repair Station Manual and respective tasks.
  • Strive for continuous process improvements and increasing efficiencies in execution and delivery with safety as a priority.
  • Maintain close and frequent communication with the Project Manager, notifying him/her of progress and any road-blocks or threats to the project’s critical path that could impact re-delivery.
  • Review daily performance and progress on aircraft to determine if any alteration to the plan and schedule is necessary and to ensure that tasks are completed within budgeted time.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Quality and Safety and the Training department to establish On-The-Job Training Programs (OJT) for maintenance personnel and coordinate participation in training programs as appropriate. Participate in relevant development training including General Familiarization Certification.
  • Request regular progress meetings with Project Manager and all relevant department heads and personnel concerning operational requirements and activities, clearly establishing objectives and actions.
  • Deal with Customers in a cordial, respectful and professional manner, and to see to it that all personnel behave accordingly.
  • Ensure that tools and equipment are correctly used and handled by Technicians for both safety and to reduce breakages, wear and tear. Require Technicians to report any tool malfunction promptly to the Stores with supporting documentation as per the Company’s processes.
  • Ensure task card (entry/exit) times and materials used are recorded accurately and in a timely manner to task card employee is actively working.
  • Support the Project Manager with other business activities as needed. 

To lead by example at all times; through professional behavior, integrity, commitment to the company and compliance with its policies. 

EDUCATION: High School Diploma/GED. 


LICENSES / CERTIFICATION: Current FAA Airframe or Repairman’s certificate required. 


EXPERIENCE: At least 3 years of aircraft maintenance experience as an Avionics Technician.  



Strong leadership skills. Effective decision-making skills. Strong negotiating skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills in order to effectively interact with all levels of staff from different departments effectively. Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills in order to prioritize workload according to business demands and works well under pressure. Must have own tools, as provided on CJ list of required tooling. Is required to be proficient in oral and written English.