Assistant Distribution Manager

LaMotte Co.

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Chestertown, MD

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

Salary requirements are flexible and commensurate with experience. 

Qualifications/Job Requirements:

  • Must be a leader who has good communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Requires good math skills.
  • Must be computer literate, able to work with word processing, Excel, and database applications.
  • Must learn and use company business software, carrier software and required shipping sites on internet.
  • Requires ability to learn transportation regulations regarding hazardous materials and become certified in that area.
  • Must be able to assist with both the shipping, picking, and Finished Goods Warehouse duties when department is busy, transport up to 50 pounds, operate a pallet jack and move loads in excess of 1,000 pounds as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Supervises Shipping employees:

  1. Promotes and maintains a safe/healthy work environment for staff, visitors, vendors, service providers, etc. Complies with and enforces the Company’s safety policies and procedures. Starts meetings with a “safety moment.” *
  2. Conducts staff meetings as needed. *
  3. Coaches and develops staff, while fostering a team atmosphere. Promotes positive employee relations (i.e., morale, communications, etc.). Follows the guidelines of the “One Minute Manager” by giving immediate praise, immediate reprimands, and setting and monitoring the progress of goals. Separates friendship from business. Conducts self professionally and leads by example. *
  4. Assists employees with questions or problems they have regarding work assignments, priorities, safety, personnel issues, etc. *
  5. Oversees the development and implementation of employee orientation and training programs within his/her department(s), and coaches employees who are mentoring to motivate and encourage the new hires they are training. Offers re-training when necessary and provides additional training as needed. Sets up and maintains cross training within the department. *
  6. Recommends to and assists Management with such personnel actions as hiring, promoting, transferring, disciplining, resolving grievances/conflicts, investigating accidents/incidents/near misses, terminating employment, etc. Counsels employees as necessary and documents counseling efforts, any personnel issues, investigations, etc. *
  7. Performs payroll maintenance for each direct report using the Company’s payroll software and submits payroll information for processing in a timely fashion – by or before the biweekly deadline established by Human Resources. *
  8. Maintains attendance records for each employee. Tracks and assesses points as applicable to the Company’s attendance policy and institutes and documents any necessary disciplinary action. *
  9. Assists the Distribution Manager with evaluating employees using the Company’s performance appraisal system. Complies with the deadlines for performance appraisal forms to be completed and reviewed with the respective employees. *
  10. Encourages staff and employees to participate in lean activities as described below. *
  11. Enforces the Company’s personnel & safety policies and complies with federal and state employment laws and regulations. Consults with the Distribution Manager, Vice President – Supply Chain and/or Human Resources Department as appropriate. *

NOTE: Various tasks and responsibilities may be performed in conjunction with the Distribution Manager as needed.

2. Assists in department as needed to help with workload. *

3. Participates in lean activities, including but not limited to: 

  1. Lean training and lean events such as kaizen or a 5-day event. *
  2. 5-S program in department or other areas assigned. *
  3. DMAICs. Continuously looks for ways to improve the department’s, the staff’s and own individual efficiencies and time management, as well as ways to improve any aspect of the Company’s operations and develops and implements DMAICs accordingly. *

4. Meets with Coordinator to be sure that he/she is aware of each day’s priorities. Checks on team throughout the day to be sure that all issues are addressed promptly. *

5. Generates and posts weekly 5S and work assignment schedules for shipping. *

6. Attends daily Operations meeting and provides updates on departments’ activities, safety, human resources needs, absences, shortages, etc. *

7. Keeps supervisor informed of problems encountered and actions taken. If in doubt about actions to take, seeks advice from supervisor first. Avoids being surprised or surprising others. *

8. Obtains hazardous material certification. *

9. Coordinates haz mat training for department to maintain certification requirements. *

10. Manages department inventory and shipping supplies. *

11. Tracks department performance and production measurements. *

12. Assists and cross-trains in other departments as needed. *

13. Complies with all Company policies (i.e., personnel, safety, etc.). *

14. Performs other duties as assigned. (Such duties may or may not be essential functions of the job.) *

NOTE: Various tasks and responsibilities may be performed in conjunction with the Distribution Manager as needed.

Environmental Factors & Physical Demands:

  • Primarily works indoors in a temperature-controlled environment. 
  • Requires walking, standing, sitting, stooping, bending, reaching, operating a computer, transporting up to 50 pounds, operating a forklift & pallet jack and moving loads in excess of 1,000 pounds, and occasional climbing and reaching. 
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to accurately count and read pick lists. Requires good math skills, computer skills, typing skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, decision making skills, and judgment.

Monday - Friday.
8 hrs. a day, with overtime as needed.