Assembly Technician - DER

Aviation Inflatables, Inc.

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Sunrise, FL

Job Description

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Job Overview:

The primary responsibility of the Assembly Technician is day-to-day assembly of products or components. The Assembly Technician will assemble components or products according to established procedures with minimal assistance. 


  1. Assembles inflatable emergency equipment in accordance with major repair documents. 
  2. Performs the removal of parts and sewing & attachment of parts.
  3. Follows guidelines and/or diagrams to ensure product specifications and tolerance levels are met. 
  4. Responds to inquiries from staff. 
  5. Perform installation, repair, re-assembly, replacing, refitting, and adjusting products as required. 
  6. Perform pre-assembly activities such as cleaning and adhesive preparation
  7. Report mistakes in the assembly process 
  8. Assist engineers and team members with the building and testing of prototypes and assembly-related issues. 
  9. Identify needs for improvement and conveys it to senior personnel, 
  10. Will be required to work with glue and other chemicals used in the assembly and repair of emergency inflatable equipment. 
  11. Will be responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment. 


  1. High school diploma or a general educational degree (GED) 
  2. Warehouse environment which requires frequent sitting and standing 
  3. Must have extreme attention to detail
  4. May need to carry materials weighing between 50 pounds.

Monday - Friday
6:00AM - 2:30PM