Sargent Aerospace & Defense

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Torrington, CT

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Through the direction of the supervisor or Lead Person this position is responsible for assembling and inspecting various products at proper production and quality levels either by hand or by using simple mechanical equipment.  Must be able to read a blueprint to obtain instructions. The employee must use various measuring devices to accurately maintain proper tolerances of assembled product. Will grease, cap and seal parts as required.  This position will etch parts either manually or by operating the laser etching machine.  Additionally, this position will fill in on the pack bench and will prepare various products for shipment by packing and boxing work. Most work is repetitive in nature and follows routine, prescribed methods.  This person is responsible for the movement of material, product or components to and/or from other production areas.

The employee will be responsible for minimizing scrap and rework, maintaining accurate production records and quickly identifying issues that may prohibit production and reporting those to the supervisor.  The work area must be kept clean and neat; and may be assigned simple, routine preventive maintenance of equipment. Attendance at work is an essential function of the position.