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Bloomington, IN

Job Description

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Job Overview:



Assembles metal products such as brakes, valves, hydraulic cylinders partially or completely working at a bench or on shop floor.

Specific Duties:

· Positions parts a

· Positions parts according to work instructions or following blueprints.

· Fastens parts together with bolts, screws, speed clips, rivets, or other fasteners.

· Removes small quantities of metal with hand files and scrapers to produce close fit between parts.

· Operates drill presses, punch presses, or riveting machines to assist in assembly operation.

· Dissembles brake boosters, air-brake compressors, and values for salvage of parts.

· Participate in and support Carlisle Operating System (COS) initiatives.

· Participate in COS events to improve productivity and reduce waste.

· Work with management team t identify continuous improvement projects utilizing lean and six sigma principles to drive operational excellence and improve profitability.

· Work with management team to promote waste identification and elimination by utilizing Lean Manufacturing concepts and principles of Kaizen.

· Other duties as assigned by Shift Supervisor or Plant Manager.