Application Engineer

Everett Charles Technologies, LLC

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Norwood, MA

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Location: Norwood, MA or Milpitas, CA


This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced electrical engineer who wants to incorporate a blend of their software, hardware design and communication skills with their semiconductor device knowledge.  The primary focus of this position is to develop electronic device production solutions for our customers, who are Fortune 500 companies that compete in the PMIC Market, using ATE (Automatic Test Equipment).  A secondary responsibility is to support System Engineering with new product validation. The development of test solutions and instrumentation for the PMIC Market is a strategic focus of Company’s continued mission to market a comprehensive portfolio of focused and cost-efficient test solutions for semiconductors. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Test Plan Development – develop a test plan based on customer-published specifications. The test plan includes a description of all required tests as specified by the customer’s published specifications and the conditions and steps required for each of the tests
  • Test Solution Development – develop and debug the test solution hardware and software based on the test plan.  This includes:
    • Internal team collaboration and customer collaboration
    • Develop and oversee the device loadboard hardware design and debug the hardware
    • Software design and debug to develop the production solution
    • Gage Study – collect and analyze statistical data to prove repeatability and reproducibility.
    • Identify and fix problem tests
    • Review Gage Study data with customers and get customers approval for release


  • Customer Support - Excellent people skills to are required interact with and be approachable by customers
  • Provide on-site support for customer requests and immediate escalation of issues
  • Provide remote-site support for the customer if required (includes ramp-up support for production at customer site, on-site troubleshooting
  • Cooperate with the Applications Team to meet corporate and departmental goals and objectives
  • Create SPR’s (System Performance Reports) upon detecting any issues on the tester operating systems.
  • Develop Application Notes for customers and internal use
  • Cooperate with Sales and Marketing to support new and existing business development



  • BSEE, BSET, MSEE, or Equivalent
  • Minimum 3-5 years total experience. 5 years’ experience in ATE and/or semiconductor industry preferred
  • Microsoft Office experience expected and/or exposure to Open Office
  • C++ programming course work required; experience preferred
  • Basic Linux/Unix navigation and execution of commands required
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken) Excellent communication skills both written and spoke
  • Ability to understand and design Systems.
  • Excellent System level trouble shooting skills are mandatory.
  • Basic Digital Signal Processing knowledge.
  • Basic programming skills with standard programming languages like Python and C/C++