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Jasper, IN

Job Description

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Job Overview:

At Kimball International, we shape spaces into places – places that build communities, form connections, and develop a sense of belonging. We have an itch to do more – to grow, learn, and seek something new – with every product we create. We build heart into everything we make and do. We empower people to unlock their potential and dare to be makers of possibility. 
As an eTools Applications Developer at Kimball International, you will be a key part of our exciting journey as we invest in and modernize our capability and technologies. You will be part of our mission by providing business and technical expertise to identify and create solutions in the design & specification area. In turn, this will enable our business to more effectively support our dealer & designer community; as well as contribute to the overall growth of our company.
As a developer for our eTools team, you will live in a world of continuous improvement. You will work hand in hand with internal and external designers to identify gaps in our specification process. You will use this knowledge and the programming behind CET Designer to create automated solutions that increase the productivity of our users and the accuracy of their specifications. You will be instrumental in making Kimball International’s CET extension the industry's most intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly.


A day in the life of this role will include:

  • Daily review of incoming designer requests
  • Diagnosing & resolving errors in the existing codebase
  • Code Reviews/Peer Reviews with internal & external team members
  • Partnering with designers to understand their needs and develop new solutions

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Business Units stakeholders (i.e., Product Line Management, Engineering, Marketing, and Design) to document requirements for new product and feature additions for Kimball International’s CET Designer extensions
  • Work in partnership with eTools Application and QA Specialist’s, as well as outside development partners to design, develop, deploy, test and support Kimball International’s CET Designer extension
  • Utilize Jira for task documentation, prioritization, and status tracking
  • Manage and track code changes with Git & GitLab
  • Participate in Peer Review, Code Review, and general DevOps duties with other developer team members
  • Document testing procedures for QA team members
  • Architect scalable solutions using object-oriented principles
  • Provide continuous updates to support legacy code
  • Document standards and the adherence to those standards that will be used throughout the development, implementation, and support process
  • Promote strategy to reduce costs through standardization, automation, and shared utilities
  • Promote the use of standard application code and functionality
  • Stay current with technology trends and best practices
  • Identify methods to use Information Technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness within eTools development
  • Ensure that effective communication is delivered to all parties for project status updates, support issues and general questions
  • Build and maintain business relationships to ensure proper alignment to our business strategy
  • Support Vision and Guiding Principles of Kimball International and the goals of the Business Units
  • Proven history or ability to demonstrate safe / responsible behavior, and a positive performance record (including attendance)

Skills to Perform This Role:


Interpersonal Skills

  • High integrity and ethical behavior
  • Detail oriented, a self-starter, and enjoys working in a team environment
  • Inspires trust in relationships with people, honest
  • Passion for the job and the company
  • Passionate about programming
  • Desire and ability to learn new programming languages


Communication Skills

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication with all levels in the organization
  • Ability to articulate technical issues and solutions to non-technical people


Leadership Skills

  • Leading change – help inspire change within our organization


Business Skills

  • Basic understanding of the business structure and goals for the furniture group and its business units
  • Able to collaborate with both internal and external parties


Technical Skills

  • CET Designer & CM programming language (preferred) or Object-Oriented Programming skills such as C++, C#, Java
  • Experience with source control such as GIT
  • Experience in application development lifecycle practices, including specification documentation, quality assurance testing and managed deployment principals
  • Demonstrated ability of coding with object-oriented concepts and experience in using them to build applications
  • Familiarity with 2D/3D creation software (Unity, Unreal)
  • Familiarity with Jira
  • Strong problem-solving skills, analytical and creative thinking