A&P Mechanic Mobile Service Technician - Atlanta, GA


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Atlanta, GA

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Mobile Service Technicians (MST) will focus on the maintenance activities and work scope of Customer aircraft. Will identify and correct issues on malfunctioning aircraft mechanical components and systems. Performs a variety of diagnostic and mechanical duties on Jet aircraft and assist with the scheduling and coordination of the work of others in the crew. Will assist the MST Lead Mechanic including coordinating and communicating aircraft issues with the Customer to include reviewing the work scope with Customers, adding squawks as required, respond to Customer inquiries and be responsible for assuring Customer satisfaction by coordinating with the Service Center Team. Will assist the MST Lead Mechanic with overseeing the maintenance of the mobile service vehicle ensuring vehicle is properly serviced and roadworthy at all times.

I. Ensure that the work scope is completed in a timely manner and work performed is done in accordance with established policy, procedure, and quality standards. Performs a variety of diagnostic and mechanical duties on one or more aircraft models involving diagnosis of malfunctions and required disassembly, rework, repair, replacement, reassembly or adjustment of various aircraft systems to prepare aircraft mechanically for flight and delivery to Customer. Requires thorough knowledge of aircraft engines, mechanical systems, and components on all assigned aircraft.
a. Checks, corrects, or replaces a variety of complex aircraft assemblies, landing gear systems, air conditioner system, pressurization system, and optional equipment installations.
b. Orders and obtains parts necessary to effect aircraft repairs. Assures that cores are returned in accordance with established procedure.
c. Requires knowledge of inspection procedures set forth in FAR Part 145. Responsible for insuring documentation procedures are accomplished as required in FAR 43 and all other applicable FARs.

d. Responsible for clear, concise, and accurate written reports in logs, inspection reports, and in parts identification for issue and return documents.
e. Ensures that all maintenance, preventive maintenance, alterations, or specialized services performed are in accordance with the Inspection System procedures as outlined in the Quality Control manual.
II. May be required to observe operation of mechanical systems during flight and troubleshoot problems for in-shop repairs.
III. Responsible for communicating safety expectations of the Service Center.
a. Monitors the work environment to assure it is maintained in a safe and orderly condition.
b. Identifies and corrects unsafe acts.
IV. Works as a member of a team focused on meeting customer expectations requiring mechanics and avionic technicians to assist each other as required.
V. Assists the Lead MST to ensure that all equipment and tooling with the mobile service vehicle are inspected, properly maintained and/or serviced as required to ensure safe and efficient operation.
VI. Assists the Lead MST ensuring the mobile service vehicle is in safe operating condition, all fluid levels are at proper levels, tire pressures are correct, wiper blades, hoses, tires, etc are all inspected, repaired or replaced as required.
VII. Must obtain a Textron-issued driver license and possess valid state-issued driver license. Both are required to operate Company-owned vehicles or vehicles under Textron control.This position is eligible for a $5,000 sign-on bonus. Offer dates effective 6/1/2022 – 12/31/2022. Must onboard and start prior to 12/31/2022.

o High school education or equivalent required
o A&P license required
o Minimum of 3 years’ experience with diversified jet, turboprop, piston, modification, and phase inspection experience as an A&P Mechanic
o Preferred - Minimum 1-2 years’ experience on Cessna, Hawker, or Beechcraft aircraft.

• Use of arithmetic, blueprints, and specifications plus knowledge of jet a piston airframe and engine principals
• Must possess a valid Textron-issued driver’s license and valid state-issued driver’s license
• Must have comprehensive knowledge of aircraft mechanical systems.
• Must be able to obtain an Airport Security Badge through the local airport authority (if applicable)

This position is eligible for a $5,000 sign-on bonus. Offer dates effective 6/1/2022 – 12/31/2022. Must onboard and start prior to 12/31/2022.