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Analytical Chemist

Jacobs • Edwards Afb, CA
7 days ago
Seeking analytical chemist to support Air Force Research Laboratory, Edwards, CA. Must be a self-starter, eager to learn and customer service oriented. Interface with customers across diverse fields of discipline within the aerospace community. Must have good reasoning skills needed to develop methods, evaluate data and troubleshoot. Utilize broad range of techniques, wet bench-top chemistry methods and instrumentation in the scientific fields of spectroscopy, chromatography, and electrochemistry. Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of solids, liquids and gasses such as fuels, aviators breathing oxygen, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, raw materials, propellant ingredients, starting compounds and their intermediate compounds etc. Includes measurement of physical properties, determination of bulk and trace concentrations in variety of materials.
Willing to support compliance driven programs such as calibration, preventive maintenance as directed by Air Force, OSHA, etc.
Includes handling hazardous substances such as hydrazine, dinitrogen tetroxide, and energetic materials (H.D. 1.1).
Requires periodic evening or weekend work depending on mission need
Must be a US citizen
Remote site, requires commute
Must be able to pass a background check
Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred (chemistry, biochemistry or technical discipline)
Experience/ Training: Basic chemistry laboratory skills
Unusual or Special Physical Requirements of Position (specify and provide % of time required)
  • Lifting: 35lbs
  • Climbing: minimal climbing of ladders and step stool for instrument/equipment access
  • Crawling: Minimal crawling to maintain instrument peripherals
  • Special clothing/equipment (wearing): lab coat, safety glasses, safety goggles, face mask, gloves, aprons, steel toes boots
  • Unusual physical requirements: able to maneuver 55 gallon drum
  • High noise level: low industrial from ventilation systems and mechanical pumps, hearing protection provided as needed or desired
  • Other: fine motor skills required, able to extend arms outward for long periods of time when performing chemistry related activities such as manual titrations
Description of Work Environment (specify and provide % of time required)
  • Inside?  Outside? Combination? Where?: Inside 95%, minimal access of outbuildings and open storage locations used for chemical storage
  • Extreme (hot/cold) temperatures involved: Laboratory is HVAC controlled however conditions vary due to age of facility infrastructure
  • Hazardous conditions - What are they?: 1.1 HD explosives, high pressure gasses, and liquid gasses (nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and other gasses)
Equipment and Machines Involved in Work Tasks (specify and provide % of time required)
  • Office equipment/machines electrically/battery operated - which?: Light office work
  • Vehicles, forklifts, etc. operated which?: Able to load, secure and drive flatbed truck with lift gate.  Fork lift driving may be a future requirement.
  • Tools used in trade - which ones?: Standard hand tools to assemble and repair instrumentation and build pressurized gas systems.  No machining required. 
Criticality of Attendance (specify and provide % of time required)
  • Overtime, regular days, off days: no over time unless required for the project. We work a compressed schedule (9 hours 4 days 8 hours every other Friday, 0 hours every other Friday)
  • Shift, 1st, 2nd, 3rd: 1st
  • Necessity for regular attendance: yes
  • Urgency for punctuality: yes