All Source Intelligence Analyst (35F) Training Specialist - HTASC - NSTID


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Fort Huachuca, AZ

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Must provide performance-oriented training using the TRADOC-approved Program of Instruction (POI). The full spectrum of training includes but is not limited to: classroom (platform and small group) training; hands-on/practical exercise training; role playing; simulation/virtual training; and field exercise training. Training may be for resident and non-resident training courses and in support of mobile training. Shall also participate as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in developing revisions of the POIs, Lesson Plans and Training Support Packages (TSPs) to remedy any deficiencies or shortcomings identified during the preparation for and conduct of instruction. Conduct of instruction shall also be in support of specialized training requirements or the training of new systems.

  1. TOP SECRET clearance with access to SCI

  2. Bachelor’s degree with 6 years of applicable experience (4 additional years of applicable experience may be substituted for the degree)

  3. Two years’ experience in All Source Intelligence Analyst or their comparable Area of Concentration for Warrant Officers and Officers.

  4. Two years’ experience with training development

  5. NET/DTT experience preferred

  6. Instructor certified with experience on platform instruction

  7. Able to travel both CONUS and OCONUS

  8. Knowledge of ADDIE process