Aircraft NDT inspector

Universal Cargo Doors & Service, LLC

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Miami, FL

Job Description

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Job Overview:

Our service team includes some of the most talented FAA-certified structural, electrical, avionics and A&P technicians, along with specialists in aircraft modification and maintenance programs. We are currently looking for a talented individual to join our Aircraft Inspection Team.

NDT Inspectors shall be responsible to the Chief Inspector for the actual performance of the set up, specific instrument calibration, specific tests, and specific evaluation according to written instruction and to record the results.


Conduct all required inspections in accordance with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, manufacturer’s approved data, any customer’s approved program data, and the policies and procedures contained in this Inspection Procedures Manual.

  • Perform NDT test equipment set up, calibration and inspection of airframe structures, components and power plants.
  • Inspect various aircraft components; accept or reject work completed; sign all items on the work order when work meets required standards.
  • Accept responsibility for entries in the aircraft maintenance flight logs which pertain to his/her inspections, as well as the airworthiness release.
  • Qualified to Level II in the following: Liquid Penetrate, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and/or Radiographic inspection methods required.
  • Record the results of all inspections performed on the proper inspection forms used by the repair station in accordance with this Inspection Procedures Manual.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, specifications, tolerances, limits, inspection methods, techniques, and equipment used in their area of responsibility to determine the quality of the work performed and the airworthiness of the article.
  • Maintain proficiency with various types of inspection aides used for the inspection of a particular item.
  • Ensure current specifications involving inspection tolerances, limits, and procedures recommended by the manufacturer of the product undergoing inspection and other forms of applicable inspection information are available for reference. Other examples of inspection information would be FAA Airworthiness Directives, manufacturer’s bulletins, approved customer data, and Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Make final airworthiness determination prior to “Return of Service” on items they are authorized to inspect for any article maintained or altered by this repair station.
  • Reject any work or parts that have not been properly maintained or altered in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations, manufacturer’s approved data, customer approved data and the policies and procedures contained within this manual.
  • Support the company Safety Program


  • High School Diploma/GED. Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Requires 3 years experience as a FAA Airframe licensed Aircraft, Avionics or Structures Technician.
  • Current FAA Airframe License required.

Working Conditions:

Requires frequent walking, standing and/or climbing. Must be able to lift and/or pull objects weighing at least 50 lbs.


8-hours shift schedule. Shift may rotate depending on business need and may require employee to cover nights, day, holidays and/or weekends.