Aerospace Technician Entry Level - Training Available (2nd Shift)

O'Neal Industries

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Hebron, KY
Second Shift

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

  1. Mechanical aptitude
    1. Operation of equipment
    2. Assembly
  2. Attention to detail/inspector like qualities
    1. Questions the smallest cosmetic or measurement detail
    2. Follows and completes paperwork requirements. Any deviations, questions are asked.
  3. Procedurally oriented.
    1. Does not deviate from procedures.
    2. If procedures are unclear ask for clarification.
  4. Craftsmanship Mentality
  5. Ability to be cross trained on multiple areas
    1. Part marking
    2. Machine Center
    3. Drill Center
    4. Rivet Insertion
    5. Deburr
    6. Aerospace Drawing interpretation/basic specification training requirements
  6. High School Diploma or GED is preferred
  7. Selected candidate will be asked to pass a battery of tests.
  8. Good Attendance is a requirement
  • $17.00 + $1 shift differential