ADM Operator - 2nd Shift

LaMotte Co.

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Chestertown, MD
Second Shift

Job Description

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Job Overview:


Main Function: 

  • Produces formulations and “dipped” papers used to prepare test strips.


  • High school graduate or GED equivalent with a minimum general chemistry background. 
  • Must be well organized with attention to detail. 
  • Must be dependable, be able to work independently, have accurate color perception, understand and respect the delicacy of the products, precisely follow instructions, be motivated towards product and process improvement, and be able to work closely with other staff members. 
  • Must be able to lift transport up to 50 pounds.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Machine Operation and Production

  1. Performs various tasks involving the preparation of formulations and dried paper material used in test strip production. *
    •    Prepares formulations for paper sheet and roll material used in test strip production.
    •    Prepares various solutions, some of which are hazardous and require work in a chemical fume hood.
    •    Prepares stock solutions.
    •    Monitors stock levels of stock solutions and raw materials.  Notifies Manager of discrepancies.
  2. Operates Automatic Dipping Machines following various machine instruction arrangements.*
  3. Completes daily preventive maintenance. *
  4. Maintains the cleanliness of equipment. *
  5. Works with the Production Lab Manager on scheduling of products. *
  6. Reports all major problems to the Maintenance department and the Test Strips Value Stream Manager. *
  7. Performs in-process QC checks on formulations and saturated papers, including preparation of product samples for QC/R&D testing. *
  8. Maintains accurate records of all batches prepared, including raw material lot numbers and performed measurements. *
  9. Alerts the Production Lab Manager of any variations in formulations or any complications with dried papers. *
  10. Assists R&D in preparing pilot batches or test batches of test paper formulations. *
  11. Completes all logs relating to the above activities/operations. *
  12. Maintains awareness of all reagents used in formulas and their safety requirements. *


  1. Participates in lean activities, including but not limited to:
     •    Lean training and lean events such as kaizen or a 5-day event. *
     •    5-S program in department or other areas assigned. *
     •    DMAICs.  Continuously looks for ways to improve both the department’s and own individual efficiencies and time management, as well as ways to improve any aspect of the Company’s operations, and develops and implements DMAICs accordingly. *
  2. Notifies Supervisors/Managers of any production, equipment, safety, personnel problems, etc., and cooperates in resolving such issues as well.  For example, requests assistance when systems prevent the efficient performance of duties or when a system fails. *
  3. Provides Supervisors/Managers with feedback to determine where additional training would benefit, and obtains additional training as necessary. *
  4. Assists in other department activities as needed. * 
  5. Floats to and works in other Production areas as needed. *
  6. Complies with all Company policies (i.e. personnel, safety, etc.). *
  7. Performs other duties as assigned.   (Such duties may or may not be essential functions of the job.) *

* denotes essential function of the job

Environmental Factors & Physical Demands:

  • Works indoors in temperature and humidity controlled environments. 
  • Handles various chemicals and performs work in a fume hood.  
  • Requires walking, standing, sitting, stooping, bending, and transporting up to 50 pounds.   
  • Requires sound judgment, decision making, communication skills, dexterity, and color perception.   
  • Must be able to read and understand directions.  Requires mechanical inclination.  

Monday - Friday, 3:00 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.
8 hrs. a day, with overtime as needed