Accounting Manager

Futaba Indiana Of America Corp.

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Vincennes, IN

Job Description

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Job Overview:


General Position Summary

This position is responsible for meeting Futaba Group expectations on financial reporting in compliance with the law, regulation, and policies. In addition to provide strong support to the Indiana group and its management with their activities to gain value to the group. Lead and consult the Indiana group companies to support accounting departments to accomplish its mission. Lead, train and develop accounting members within FIA. Support FIA Treasurer from time to time in his/her needs to: Establish external relationship including banks, to gather information for best interest of the company.  


Essential Job Functions


· Lead the group accounting members, collaborate with other departments, and work with external consultants to perform activities and fulfill requirements listed on the FIA Accounting Hoshin.

· Manage and communicate with every members of FIA Accounting in a professional and sensible manner.

· Internal Control: monthly, quarterly & consolidation package, annually and summary for stakeholders (HQ, customers, banks, etc.). Lead FIA members to prepare FIA financial statements with appropriate footnote disclosures per US GAAP. 

· Accounting and Closings: monthly, quarterly, annually, summary for stakeholders (HQ, customers, banks, etc.). Assist FNA and other locations with compliance and closing procedures.

· Financing: daily, monthly, when required. Work with FNA and other Futaba locations to manage cash flow and finance. Provide proposal and studies aligned with financial strategy prepared by the FIA Treasurer. Under FIA Treasurer’s request, perform bank transactions including payments and cash pooling management.

· Tax Accounting and Reporting: collaborate with external consultants to perform tax accounting and reporting. Lead FIA members to prepare and take actions required in regard with tax payments.

· Cost Accounting, when required, work with FNA and other locations to adopt cost accounting procedures and structures. Collaborate with external consultants and with other departments, including Cost Planning Department, to perform cost accounting.

· Profit Plan and Forecast: monthly – YE forecast, semi-annual – Profit Plan, and when required. Assist FNA and the other locations to gather required information to build overall FIA and North America profit plan and to forecast overall FIA and North America year-end outcome. Under FIA Treasurer’s request, build forecast of the group future performance using certain assumptions, estimates and internal or external information.

· Budget Control and Analysis: Assist FNA and other locations to manage budget control and perform analysis. Collaborates with other department manages to support overall budget and financial goals and objectives.

· Audit and J-Sox: Support audit activities requested by both external and internal parties which are put on place within the group.

Other & Miscellaneous

· Policies, Systems, and Manual: Lead the group in various projects. Support throughout the group to develop more efficient procedures and use of resources while maintaining a high level of quality. 

· Establish, maintain and standardize accounting policies and procedures for reliable and accurate financial reporting based on US GAAP and US Tax requirements.

· Reporting and Presentations: Under FIA Treasurer’s request, report and/or present financial related items to the party either internal or external by the Treasurer’s demands.

· Training and Developing Accounting members: advice, train, and lead accounting members with aim to achieve development of each individual.

· Advise and support other departments: Collaborate with other departments for the best interest of the company.

· Create a positive work environment and contribute to the morale of the team.

· Demonstrate teamwork and leadership.

· Use respect, tact, and courtesy in working with others.  

Job Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

Critical Competencies

· Must have proficient oral and written communication skills.

· Must be willing to cross-train and making continuous improvements.

· Must be willing to take the initiative on new projects.

· Must be able to work company’s required overtime.

· Must comply with FIA’s Attendance Policy.

Other Competencies

Attention to Detail, Office Equipment Usage, Computer Usage, Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Multi-Tasking, Problem Solving, Team Participation, Motivation to Learn New Skills. 


Education Requirements

· Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) or equivalent from four-year college or university in Accounting or related field.


Work Experience

Eight to ten years of accounting-related experience (similar role in other Japanese organizations preferred).


Supervisory Responsibilities

· Yes


Certificates / Licenses / Training   Requirements

· Driver’s license

· CPA certificate is preferred but not necessary. 



· May travel occasionally by automotive and or airplane.