Account Coordinator - Dubbing

Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc.

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Ka, IN

Job Description

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Job Overview:


Account Coordinator - Dubbing


Roles and Responsibilities:

o Customer Engagement- Be the primary point of contact and build long-term relationships with customers, both externally and internally.
o Connect with clients and drive regular status calls, executive summaries and strategy meetings for high-profile projects.
o Responsible for keeping current clients satisfied and delivering exceptional client service on a day-to-day basis.
o Create, maintain and communicate to client project timelines and budgets.
o Prepare and communicate pricing quotes and estimates with client.
o Ensure Billing and Revenue Tracking is maintained weekly.
o Manage client change orders by negotiating deliverable due dates between clients and internal departments, balancing internal capacity with external demands and expectations.
o Prepare regular account statuses, such as missing asset reports, delivery schedules and project statuses to the customer or senior management.
o Clearly communicate expected delivery dates for titles/assets, via entry of ordered titles into internal systems and Email/verbal communication for special cases and exceptions.
o Act as a lead in supporting and resolving internal and external issues and challenges in a timely manner and distributing work across the department.
o Working with Account Coordinators to ensure day to day production is running effectively.
o Ensure Account Coordinators maintain a current and accurate understanding of all work-in-progress that has been initiated.
o Collaborate with Account Coordinators to ensure deliverables are completed within agreed upon timeframe with client - communicate with internal and external teams should changes occur as required.
o Provide feedback/guidance to Account Coordinators to ensure team performs as expected.
o Provide regular guidance to teams to ensure daily objectives are being met, both with internal operation teams and client requests.
o Proactively identify potential issues/problems with project in process, formulate response and solution and communicate back to client.
o Forecast and track key account metrics.
o Communicate regularly with client regarding project performance metrics. Create and implement department policies and procedures (SOP and SLAs) ensuring Deluxe delivers high quality and on-time deliverables.
o Initiate corrective action process as needed.
o Collaborate with Production Teams to meet deadlines, find efficiencies, resolve issues, and determine resource needs to meet/exceed client expectations.
o May be responsible for educating and advising client about new services offered.


1. This is client interaction role and not Finance & Accounts role.
2. Transport - free pick-up and drop facility from your residence to work and back.
3. Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be served in the facility.
4. Candidate should be open for flexible for shift timings