3rd shift - Tool & Die Maker

Automatic Spring Products Corp.

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Grand Haven, MI
Third Shift

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Job Overview:


Automatic Spring Products Corp. offers a unique opportunity for emerging Tool & Die Makers to expand their knowledge and gain experience with both standard and non-typical metal stamping tools and machinery.

In addition, we invite the more accomplished Tool & Die Maker to join our team and share their career experience while working in a slower pace build / production environment where precision and tool integrity overrides hasty repairs and accelerated turnaround time.

For anyone seeking a variable routine of standard production tool maintenance blended with challenging build and engineering projects, ASPC offers these opportunities:

  • Standard Metal Stamping Dies (build, repair, maintain)
  • Fourslide Dies & Tooling (build, repair, maintain)
  • Heat Set Tooling (build or replace)
  • Machine Parts (replace)
  • High Speed Carbide Tooling (maintain)
  • Precision Gages and Fixtures (build)
  • Inhouse Tool Steel Heat Treating
  • CNC / EDM Operations (for those who qualify)

Automatic Spring is a unique manufacturing environment that serves multiple industries.

We stamp precision spring steel parts from coil to finish product thru processes that include: stamping, forming, heat treating, thickness grinding, machining, plating, and assembly.

We are proud of the history of our workers, some remaining as employees for over 50 years.

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