3rd Shift Production Worker

Crane Co.

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Goshen, IN
Third Shift

Job Description

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Job Overview:

3rd Shift Production Worker



  • Must maintain good attendance and a positive work attitude.
  • Must have knowledge and understanding of all safety guidelines and specific safety hazards

    associated with final finish.

  • Must have knowledge of and use all personal protection equipment required for final finish.

  • Need to understand how parts are built and the purpose behind the methods.

  • Must understand and recognize all common part defects and how to repair them.
  • Must be extremely quality conscious.
  • Must have complete knowledge of all materials used and how to handle them properly.

  • Must be proficient in the use of dual action sander, electric buffer and compounds, various

grinding tools, circular saw and spray equipment.

  • Need to be able to operate the loading rack.

  • Need to be able to follow customer-loading list.
  • Need to know how to load truck, stack parts in proper sequence and orientation as per

    customer requirements and wrap load with plastic.

  • Need to be familiar with all customers, colors, and types of parts and the materials that are

required to build them.

  • Must be properly trained and certified as a crane operator.
  • Must be able to read a tape measure, basic math skills a plus.
  • Must understand and be adept in implementing the techniques of part repair and finishing.



  • Will be determined based on specific role.


ACCOUNTABILITY:  Every individual is held personally accountable for adherence to:

  • Environment Health & Safety Policies
  • General Plant Rules as stated in the Employee Handbook
  • Attendance Policy
  • Professionalism, Customer Service, & Ethics Policy
  • Anti-Discrimination Guidelines
  • Security
  • Personal Appearance Guidelines



Personal Protective Equipment Required:

  1. Respirator - Filter or Cartridge

  2. Safety Shoes

  3. Safety Glasses with Side Shields

  4. Hard Hats

  5. Cut Resistant Gloves

    Potential Hazards:

  6. Respiratory: Inhalation Exposure - Above Exposure Standards

  7. Foot Injury: Equipment or objects that can fall or roll onto feet

  8. Impact or penetration to eye, face, head, body, or soles of foot