3rd Shift Packer - 12 hour shifts


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Third Shift

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

General Responsibilities:

  1. Follow all Safety rules and help watch others in area.
  1. Inspect product as it travels pad conveyor table removing any defective product.
  1. Set up Gevas machine to package product to specification.
  2. Transfer finished product from conveyor table to either Gevas mini-bagger or corrugated boxes.
  1. Assure all pads meet quality requirements.
  2. Responsible for following all food safety policies and procedures
  3. Adjust the stacker area as needed to assure centered pads.
  4. Help keep a watch over raw materials in process to assure continuous operations and notifying operator or assistant operator before machine is shut down.
  5. Keep all rollers clean when process line is down.
  6. Help Dri-Loc Operator as needed in assuring the best quality possible.
  7. Places labels on plain cartons as required or needed.
  8. Pull plastic bags as needed or required per product specification.