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2nd Shift - Operator I - Friday - Monday - 4:30pm - 3am

Fenner Precision • Manheim, PA
Second Shift
2 months ago
Operator - Belting

Basic Scope/Purpose: (The job’s primary purpose or contribution to the department or organization.)

The Operator - Belting is responsible for operating and tending various machines to mold urethane material into a wide range of belting products.

Principal Accountabilities: (The job’s essential or most important functions and responsibilities. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.)

• Operator I
• The ability to run one belting line (Tiger, Taz, Utility, Pack).
• Works with meters and gauges in order to verify specified temperatures, pressures and cycles times.
• Use of hand calipers, length gauges, and drop gauges for measurement.
• Understand operation of meter mix.
• Read and comprehend work order, interpret any comments.
• Complies with ISO work instruction standard that have been trained and signed off.
• Sufficient understanding of Belting processes and equipment basics to make adjustments to lines in order to make product to specification.
• Willingly asks for help when needed in order to maintain a successful run and minimize scrap.
• Strive for continuous improvement of the Company’s processes.
• Maintain a clean and organized work place using the “6S” system.
• Embrace change in the work environment to maintain internal and external customer satisfaction.
• Adjust schedule to fluctuate work priorities as needed.
• Considers the safety of self and others while performing job responsibilities. Understands Supervisor must be notified of unsafe conditions.
• Strive to maintain a positive work environment.
• Other duties may be assigned.
• Maintain and promote Precision Polymers Values and behaviors at all times.

Operator II
• Demonstrates and is able to maintain effectiveness in all job duties assigned at the Operator I level.
• Ability to do basic setups and tool changes for at least 1 Belting Line or ability to run 2 belting lines.
• Contributes to departmental goals and objectives.

Operator III
• Demonstrates and is able to maintain effectiveness in all job duties assigned at the Operator II level.
• Ability to setup, run, and tear down all Sabre Lines.
• Working knowledge of how to prepare mixes.
• Advanced troubleshooting skills.
• Runs WR and/or WE runs, with appropriate level of documentations under the guidance of Process Engineering.
• Demonstrates empowerment values in performance, accountability, entrepreneurial spirit, ownership, leadership and decision making.

Environmental, Health & Safety Accountabilities: (The level of safety accountability needed to successfully accomplish the essential duties of this job.

• Learn and follow EHS policies, rules and work instructions
• Attend required EHS training
• Wear the required PPE at all times
• Take personal responsibility for keeping yourself and your co-workers and visitors free from injury by participating in and/or conducting risk assessments, work place inspections, corrective actions and safety observations
• Report incidents, near miss, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and other hazards in the work place. STOP WORK when imminent danger is present
• Maintain work area in a neat and orderly fashion and keep equipment in proper working condition.

Career Progression Opportunities:
There are 3 levels of operation that associates can learn.
• The title of Operator I will be given to those associates who have been trained and are proficient in one of the following areas: Tiger, Taz, Utility, Packing.
• The title of Operator II will be given to those who know 1 operator I job as well as HPTA or Taz II OR know 2 operator I jobs.
• The title of Operator III will be given to those associates who have been trained and are proficient in one of the following areas: Mixer OR know 3 Operator I jobs and 1 Operator II job OR know 2 Operator I jobs and 2 Operator II jobs

Education and/or Relative Experience:

Operator I - High school diploma or general education degree(GED); or one to three months related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Operator II - 1 to 2 years of manufacturing experience. (Subject to Manager’s evaluation)

Operator III - 3 to 5 years of manufacturing experience. (Subject to Manager’s evaluation)

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations