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2nd Shift Operations Supervisor

Norfolk Iron & Metal Co. • Norfolk, NE
Second Shift
16 days ago

Come join the Norfolk Iron & Metal team! We have been a family owned business since 1908 and are one of the nation's largest metal distributors. We currently have a great career opportunity as our 2nd Shift Operations Supervisor.

Warehouse Supervisor Goals: The warehouse supervisor must effectively manage processes and employees to
ensure the product is being received, stored, processed and shipped in the most cost effective, efficient and safe
manner. This will be achieved by motivating, communicating, and managing employees and processes.

Skills: The warehouse supervisor will possess basic computer skills. The supervisor must be able to utilize the
company’s computer programs to verify inventory levels and make necessary stock/tag adjustments. The warehouse
supervisor must maintain employee attendance records, access training documents and personnel files, determine
load status, view mill test reports, and communicate via electronic mail.

Employee Development and Leadership/Productivity:
• Review and analyze employee’s abilities and utilize their strengths to increase productivity and efficiency. This
includes meeting the production goals set forth by management.
• Communicate to the staff on areas concerning safety, quality, policies and procedures, and productivity issues.
• Motivate employees to increase productivity and efficiency.
• Lead the employees by using several techniques such as modeling, communication and motivation techniques.
• Analyze and prepare employee reviews to ensure proper feedback is given and to establish a plan with the
employee to achieve the companies and employee’s goals and objectives.
• Discipline employees as according to the policies and procedures set forth by the company. 
• Develop and promote teamwork throughout the shift including working with other supervisors and employees in all
• The supervisor must ensure their employees are competent to perform their position and to assist employees who
need improvement by developing a plan to reach their competency. This may include counseling statements
and/or warning notices.
• Assist in employment development to ensure the employee meets their goals and objectives.

Process Improvements/Quality
• Review and analyze processes and make recommendations to processes that need improvement.
• Ensure employees are following and maintaining the integrity of the ISO Quality Management System and assist
employees when making changes to the Quality Management System.
• Communicate the importance in meeting the expectations of the customer and the goals of the company in quality.
• Ensure employees are meeting/striving to reduce errors as per the company’s goals and objectives.
• The supervisor must be willing to come in early and/or stay late to assist in other departments/shifts.

• Ensure all employees are following all safety and/or company rules and regulations.
• Review and analyze employee’s attitude to determine if they are a safety risk to themselves and/or others. The
supervisor must demonstrate the importance in safety by leading and modeling employees toward safety.
• The supervisor generates the proper paperwork after an accident and/or near miss.
• Ensure the numbers of accidents are below the company’s goals and objectives.
• Warehouse supervisor will periodically conduct safety and training meetings. This may include tool-box meetings,
safety presentations, and training.