2nd Shift ASSISTANT OPERATOR - 12 hour shifts


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Second Shift

Job Description

As posted by the hiring company

Job Overview:

  1. Work as an assistant, taking instructions from the operator and performing any combination of incidental tasks.
  2. Inspect work in process for conformance to quality standards advising operator of any deficiencies.
  3. Continuously clean machine, floors and work areas.
  4. Unload, load and feed raw materials into the machine.
  5. Assist the Q A Packer as needed.
  6. Maintain cleanliness and proper levels of adhesive in the hot melt glue tank.
  7. Learn whatever possible to satisfy requirements of operator.
  8. Perform operator duties in Dri Loc operator’s absences. See Operator Job Description / General Responsibilities.
  9. Operate Jib Cranes and Forklifts in safe manner.
  10. Wear safety equipment and obey safety rules.
  11. Satisfy production requirements.
  12. May work in other areas throughout the plant.
  13. And / or other duties as may be assigned.